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Gun-Related violence in our schools is killing our children

Gun-related violence is killing our children at school on a regular basis. No matter how you decipher the statistics, the facts dictate that our schools are becoming a killing zone. Here, you can follow the events as they unfold. Statistically, since 2013, there has been a school-shooting on an average of every thirteen days somewhere in America.

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Tips for parents: How to train kids brain using technology

Every parent’s dream is to help their child become the very best they can be. It is not always possible to be there and to offer a helping hand though. In the modern world, it will not even be needed anymore, as you will be able to boost your kid’s learning skills with the aid of technology. Even so, you will have to pay attention what you allow your child, and what you will have to supervise.…


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Top Books for Teachers to Read in 2016

Summer is here. That means it’s time to get our reading list in order so that you’ve got some good material for on the beach. For that reason, today we’re going to look at some of the best books for teachers in 2016. Because who doesn’t want to read about stuffy classrooms with bored students when they’re sipping a Mai Thai on the beach?

Okay, maybe that…


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Mistakes that hinder productivity of a Business.

Every entrepreneur starts up a business with an intention of maximizing the wealth of the stake holders and the basic factor that you should consider as an entrepreneur is the productivity of your business. If you are in need of your business success, you should strive to see an increase in productivity. There are many cases where there have been mistakes in the businesses that have resulted to losses rather than…


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The reasons for poor performance

The motivation is there, that's just good grades are not easy to get. In order to raise their performance to a higher level, should review your training. This analysis should answer the main question:…


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What do the students do at the lessons: hits of affairs

1. Write a notes

The first line, as expected occupy a typical student activity as writing notes. After all,…


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Types of teachers 2

Here are some types of teachers you should know about:

1. Teacher - screamer

This type of teachers is very common in universities. Such a person can be…


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Types of teachers

Today's article is devoted to the types of teachers who teach students in universities. After all it is obvious that every person is different in their characteristics. No exception and…


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Types of homework at the university

I think you might be interested to find out what kinds of homework exist and how, in accordance with these kinds, they should be performed.

Naturally, it is possible to classify the types of homework on various criteria. But once again not to clog your head with an abundance of…


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12 Flipped Classroom Tools for Teachers and Students

The term known as a ‘Flipped Classroom’ is defined as a:

“Pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.”

Opposed to traditional teaching techniques, Flipped Classroom promotes an active way or learning by encouraging students to participate in the teaching process instead of being just passive listeners.

The concept has become increasingly popular and has been adopted by many…


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How teacher can enhance his credibility in his students eyes

In order the students respected the teacher and attended his classes, teachers can be given some practical tips that will be useful in communicating with…


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Why students skip classes

Sometimes the unwillingness to visit the lessons is a consequence of a misunderstanding with the teacher. Partly this may be a fault of a teacher: you should…


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Do You Wish To Become An Engineer?

Taking admissions in the best institute will be your key to becoming a successful engineer. The following tips will help you find the top engineering institutes, thus fulfilling your dreams.

Engineering ranks amongst the most potential career choices for countless students across India. Students nurturing special interests for science and technology often choose engineering as their career. That’s not all; as an academic subject, engineering offers umpteen opportunities for…


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Bonuses of 53 Option

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 •   and other.

There are currently hundreds of binary options…


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Do You Want To Become a Fashion Designer?

If you want to venture in a career related to the world of fashion, becoming a fashion designer is now easier than ever. There are plenty of institutions who cater specifically for individuals who want to study all about the fashion industry. They will be able to help you hone your skills and perfect your craft. They will teach you how you can become a successful fashion designer. Being empowered is key in achieving your goals. These accredited institutes of fashion technology will help…


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Government jobs in India

A growth in the trend has been witnessed in the recent years when it comes to the number of people opting for government jobs in India. The key reason for this trend is that government jobs offer a sense of security to people in comparison to jobs in private sector.

In addition to the…


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