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Deteriorating state schools

In my state odisha I

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Learning a new language

There are so many reasons that people should learn another language that it has become something that is commonly spoken about in conversation.  The most common issue that people have is figuring out what language they want to learn, finding a program that will teach them what they need to know, and truly sticking with it!…


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What all parents should understand about “Common Core Standards”

I am only a teacher. I’ve only been a teacher for the past three decades. I, as you should be, are concerned with the implementation of “Common Core Standards” What gives me credibility is I was also concerned about the 2001 implementation of “No Child Left Behind”. We all know how that came out. I fear the new program will make a lot of money for the businesses of education and once again leave our students weakened and confused. 

It is estimated that the program, “No Child…


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Jack the Ripper

"Jack the Ripper"is the popular name given to a serial killer who killed a number of prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888. The killings took place within a mile area and involved the districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields and Aldgate. He was called the Whitechapel Murderer before a letter was received by the Scotland Yard which claimed to have been written by the murderer himself. The signature on…


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Have Erasmus, will travel

A session that provided useful information regarding the new Erasmus Plus programme, the new EU funding for professional development. I think I would have wanted a little ore insight on how to apply, where to find courses, etc. But it was a good start!

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Student Challenge – Video Introductions

Inspired by 30 Goals Challenge for Educators and the first goal of Cycle 5, I asked students from various parts of Athens, to create their own presentations to introduce themselves to each other . I thought, be proactive , create tutorials and FAQs for them , anticipate their worries - as it turned out , the only one in need of tutorials and soothing words was … me .

A proud and somewhat painful moment in teaching is the realisation my…


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Brain-friendly Ways To Help Students Memorise Language Creatively

Wow! So many great activities and ideas Sylvia has shared in this session and so little time, unfortunately. One thing she said stuck to my mind "Be the teacher they will never forget" ... I guess we all want this. 

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Sensing our teaching space: changing our practice

Great session with a great speaker! "There are no limits to a teaching space" - great line ... it was an inspiring session about the teaching space.

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The Future of Test Prep

Every year students across the nation prepare for various standardized tests. Many of these students feel that they have no other option than topay exorbitant amounts of money for in-class test prep courses to ready themselves for their exam. Traditional in-class courses are located in central, highly-trafficked areas and are taught by different instructors with varying credentials who set the pace of the course to the median of the class. This leads to students feeling left behind and…


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"Unflattening: Thinking through Comics"

Amazing session … Before listening to Nick Sousanis talking about how comics can be used in the classroom, I hadn’t really given any thought about using them … now I’m really excited … I look forward to engaging students into designing comics … As Nick said “comics engage both body and mind”. 

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RSCON - Branding Your School/Program with Social Media

Great session! Now I have lots of ideas to share with my principal ... I found out about so many amazing sites that allow us to stay connected with our students and their parents!

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How to Play Frogger

Frogger is one of the most popular arcade style video games to have ever been created. The goal of this game is to navigate your from one end of the road to the other without getting hit. If you get it back car or run into any other obstacle, you will use population have to start over. There are many different levels that you can play. The best thing about this game is that it is very easy to learn and simple to play. It doesn't require any strategy and it only asks for your attention and…


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Right To Be Forgotten: Backfires

We all remember the European Court of Justice’s recent lawsuit on Google titled “Right to be forgotten”. The lawsuit criticized how Google stores all information concerning every person and in fact, every entity. Some corporations and organizations were concerned that their mishaps or ill repute in the past may shadow their virtues in the current day. However, Google had intelligently responded to the lawsuit by making a web form accessible through which people or organizations could remove…


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My Perfect Learning Environment for K-12 Learners

Learning occurs with each breath we take, each idea we process and with our reactions. Classroom learning has become an isolated experience for many learners, focused on subject matter, rather than thinking and being. I propose that the classroom experience should encompass the following: civic understanding, personal goal setting, group goal setting, and whole class goal setting social and academic objectives as well as daily physical and mental activity.meditation. Each day learners in…


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Brain training revolution in education

RaiseYourIQ is an online brain training and brain fitness course for children through to adults. The RaiseYourIQ “SMART” brain health course is the result of over 10 years in research and development by Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. RaiseYourIQ has just released new modules to the SMART course. The new modules were developed with the assistance of a cross section of children and adults who tested the…


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