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Professional Development Best Practices

It is important to adopt best practices concerning Professional Development is another area where we can increase teacher performance and cut expenses. During times of fiscal crisis we have the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Actually, we should never spend money on what is not effective. Professional Development is another area school district need to…


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Scams! Be Aware And Save Yourself!

Regarding the matter of applying for employments and internships, it's difficult to not feel frantic. As you're filtering through numerous postings on the web, the anxiety and pressure heaping up, you find an offer promising 'prompt work!' and 'Extraordinary cash!'…


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How to Find more Revenue Sources

School districts are going to have to learn to find new revenue sources. I read with great interest an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram; “Fort Worth School Leaders Eye Education Foundation.” Here is a quote from one of their administrators; “The basic purpose is fundraising,” Johnson said. “It is to support the district with our educational goals, to help…


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Central Sector Scholarship – For University Students

In 1961-62, National Merit Scholarship Scheme was started by MHRD to provide financial assistance to the academically bright students who are willing to go for higher education but cannot do so because of lack of financial means. In the 11th five year plan Central Sector Scholarship replaced National Merit Scholarship Scheme but the basics of the Scholarship remained the same.

Ministry of Human Resource Development…


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Free TeachBack App - A Way to Blend Technology with Education

TeachBack is a great application for educators to receive valuable class-related feedback from their students. The app contains a variety of pre-written polls, as well as the ability to create custom polls so the instructor can ask anything they want their students to answer.

Want to know whether or not they enjoyed the day’s reading material, or if they learned from that recent group assignment?…


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Business Writing vs. School Essay Writing

According to college writers at, a business message generally refers to a message whose precise content refers to business and it can be intended for internal purposes such as for the employees or directors of a company, or firm. A business message can also be for external purposes. These are for instance, messages that are targeted at customers, service providers or even…


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Two ways to cut enormous Special Education Costs

As a Chief Financial Officer I am frustrated by uncontrollable Special Education expenses. In this post I discuss the two ways to cut the enormous cost of special education. This includes not only the expense of the out of district placements but the legal fees involved in defending the cases.

Special Education expenses represent a…


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The Promise of Technology

The promise of Technology delivering a superior Education. There was an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review about Educators and their ability to procure quality technology. As educators we have seen first hand how the product that we thought was so great a few years ago is now outdated. Technology holds great promise for the future but public school…


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Growing Demand For Online Education

Gearing up for an online programme? Or are you still wondering whether online education will be beneficial for you? The fact is, today innumerable students and professionals are earning online degrees either to pursue further studies or to start their careers or to progress to leadership roles. With the rising costs of tuition fees in colleges and universities across the US, the UK and other countries, many aspiring learners are opting for online courses as the next best alternative.…


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Getting the Most Out of Your MBA

Pursuing MBA is a big decision. It requires a significant investment of time and resources. In most colleges, MBA fees run into lakhs. Moreover, the students need to prepare hard to clear MBA entrance exams. Right from writing essays to preparing for interviews, the students need to put in a lot of hard work to get into an MBA college. Therefore, it becomes important for all the students to get the most out of their MBA experience. 


Here are three useful…


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