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Main tips for parents to educate kids at home

Self-teaching is not for each crew. In any case, each guardian is a home teacher. As a long-lasting homeschooler, now with a high schooler, I've taken in a great deal about taking in, my youngster and myself. Here are a few tips to offer any family some assistance with teaching children while at home.

Support Mistakes: Although I recommend my child constantly twofold check his class work, regardless I must stamp my understudy's mix-ups. Isn't that how we…


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Creative Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback for Students

Teachers have to work hard to get all of their students’ feedback on their work, but sadly it is very time consuming and there is a limit to just how in-depth a teacher may go. Teachers have a lot of tasks to handle as it is without the worry of adding yet more time to their feedback routine.…


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It took 30 years to figure out I was only a teacher

         I had a great day.....


..... yesterday.  But, even the greatest of days doesn't make it any easier to get up at 5:00 in the morning.  If only I could get to bed before 11:00 PM on school nights. That would make my life much easier.  With mountains of correcting being precipitated every day that possibility is basically impossible.  So here I am, shocking myself awake with a cold shower so I can stay alert for the approaching new day.


         I'm off…


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All you need to know about project management online course

Project management courses are a great way to open up various opportunities starting from taking up the responsibility of handling a project to completing it with success and getting a good job in a reputed organization and managing official matters with confidence. It can also help you in getting more pay, taking up challenging work and doing them with sincerity.

What you should do before taking up online project management course

  • Firstly, you should do…

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Thanks for the memories Charlie Brown

         I was driving to work the other day thinking of all the things I had to do and also thinking of things I wasn’t supposed to do when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a giant billboard advertising the new “Peanuts” movie. I found myself smiling forgetting all the reality the past 65 years had taught me


            Thanks, Charlie Brown, for helping me survive my younger years. In fact, thanks for helping get through my life. You showed me that being…


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How is MS Excel Different from Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the widely used spreadsheet software across many organizations. But, in recent times this spreadsheet software is getting a stiff competition from Google spreadsheets. Even though the Microsoft is leading the race but Google is covering the distance at a pretty fast pace. If we compare both these spreadsheet softwares, MS Excel has been in the…


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Enhancing Online Learning With Three Features

For Gen Y learning in old fashion is not cool anymore. The new age learner have little patience left for spending hours in the classroom attending the lectures. Realising this around 82% of the universities and colleges are offering online courses, report says.…


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Can We Still Think? Do We Still Need To?

A recent commentator has opened discussion on the didactic ambitions of the UK educational system, claiming “something is rotten in the state of education today”.

The article in question, quite rightly, pointed out the shift in motive of the UK educational system from teaching people to think to teaching people to know. The article points out specific instances of…


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Electronic and Printed Books. Which one is better?


The technology has reached far and now we can carry a whole libraries in our pockets. But is it really true that an eBook (or any other kind of a gadget) could replace the printed book forever?…


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