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I am a former teacher in the Memphis City school system. I have an experience I would like

to share. You decide if you can use the concepts.

I had a second job at a neighborhood community center at night.

Color Video cameras had just come on the market. I bought one to use in my teaching effort. I found some unusually

cool hand puppets on sale and I bought them. I got this great Idea.

At my community center job I used an overturned…

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Teaching Technique-What did you learn in school today?

Teaching Technique-What did you learn in school today?

There was a time Parents would ask their student offspring, “What did you learn in school today”.

Do you know what the reply was then? Do you know what the reply would be today?

You got it; the reply would be “Nothing”

TEACHERS, that’s our fault.

We are involved in the lecture method of teaching. It’s the least effective technique. That’s just one problem. But we won’t focus on…

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Teaching Technique-Coach

Teaching Technique-Coach

This will not work for everybody. But it worked for a dear friend of mine. Let us just call him Bob. Bob was the only Caucasian in an all Black school. He was also the only male.

He was 5’6” and weighed 130 pounds. He explained to me that the female teachers in the school were excellent teachers and they were demanding and hard on the students. He said they were ideal mother figures and ruled with an iron hand. He explained…

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Teaching Technique_ the Reverse Field Trip.

I was assigned to a new school. On my first day the principal said. “I have heard of you, you like to take the students on field trips, there will be no field trips at this school.” I have never met the principal before, but his comments did not affect me whatsoever.

My concern is how can I best educate my students? I knew that the lecture method is the technique that is least likely to achieve the results I…

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Teaching Technique-EXPECTATIONS

Teaching Technique-EXPECTATIONS

First a story

When I taught in the Memphis City School System, I also worked summers for the Memphis Coty Park Commission. I worked at a Community Center. The Director of the center and I became friends. Years after leaving the Park Commission job the Director (a lady) shared this information with me.

Her story is this. “I was in a very sleazy night club (if you could really call it that) one night. I was with…

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Teaching Technique - Legacy

BY DEFINITION: Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past

How do you want your students to remember you?

If you are walking in a local mall and one of your former students sees you then runs to give you a hug and a thank you, would that make you happy.

If you overheard one of your students saying “she is the best teacher I ever had”, How would that make you feel?


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Teaching Technique-"Take the show on the road"

Teaching Technique-“take the show on the road”

This technique will work regardless of the subject matter you are teaching. This concept is valid for any grade level. It has worked for me at grade levels 8 through college.

My explanation to my students was this. We are going to proudly show others what we do, how we do it, how well we do it and particularly how much we enjoy doing it.

Here are some ideas where you can tale your students to do a…

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All the techniques will not work for all classes. But some are really worth trying. This one really worked for me. I think it worked because it made the students realize


Here it is. I informed my students that I was taking classes every night (and in the summer) working on my doctorate degree. I explained to them that had I spoken positively about them in each of my classes because I was really…

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It exists everywhere between many different groups, sometimes it exists on the conscious level, sometimes sub-consciously. Consider these groups, tall people vs. short people, bald people vs. people with long hair, Blondes vs. brunettes, and TEACHERS vs. STUDENTS.

Imagine this diverseness as an actual physical…

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The concept of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy taught me, “What you say is what you get”.

Here is the TEAM technique. First, start calling the groups of students you teach classes and call them teams. That is your first period class is a team, the second period a team etc.) You may choose to call them Learning Teams. Let each team choose a motto, a hand shake, a hand sign, a team song, you get the idea.

What makes a team? A…

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In case you are too young to know, Cecil B. Demille was a Legendary Movie director who is known for the most exciting productions in movies. (This was before CGI, special computer effects).

This technique works best if you have a digital camera or a video camera. (You can now buy one that’s adequate for under $100.00). However, that is not a requirement.


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The first day in my class this is what I said to my students.

You are very lucky. Just by luck you have landed in the classroom of the best teacher in the school! I am so smart that intelligence is all over my body. As I walk around the classroom some of that intelligence will break off, float in the air and…

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Teaching Technique-Make students like your class

The question you obvious have is, HOW? Consider this, if you went bowling for the first time and threw gutter balls every time. After it was over, you would probably say, “I don’t like bowling!” If you played golf for the first time and couldn’t even hit the ball. You just hit dirt and missed the ball every time, you would probably say, “Golf is not right for me!” If you went to…


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better teachers = better schools

Incentives to teachers must reach beyond health insurance and dental insurance. The golden rule of education is to teach with the best teachers, and thats not an… Continue

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Make EDUCATION better! HOW?

Make EDUCATION better! HOW?

I would like for all teachers to think about this. If the school system you work for tripled your salary

Want would you different in the classroom?

My guess is that you are already doing all that you know how to do.

More money spent on teacher salaries would not make teachers currently employed any better.

If teacher salaries were tripled, MAYBE more people would be attracted to the…

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Issues Pressing on the Future of Education

We have complex issues pressing the future of education. Technological advances are so promising, but the most at risk students typically do not have any personal technology equipment. Furthermore, we speak about "inclusiveness" but those "soft subjects" such as teacher attitude and presence and creating classrooms in which students feel safe from high stress environments, are avoided because these really cannot be measured. Then there are the assessment issues, which can be tantamount stress… Continue

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Google Wave didactical applications


* Wave communication in real time

* There is much talking about Social Networks like FaceBook,

* about microblogging, like Twitter,but the real new social network is Google

presentation on prezi

* Google Wave, open source platform

* creates a network of data interchange ( WaveNetwork ) with further… Continue

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IQ test do Not Measure your thinking ability

IQ tests do NOT measure your ability to solve problems

This software comes close.

I am excited about this simple computer game. I found a very old version of a Japanese computer game called Sokoban and I love it. You can google it and get a copy, Its free. It measures your ability to think. Solve problems and see relationships.

I have taught in the public school system for over 15 years and I am sure IQ tests scores do NOTaccurately predict…

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New Teaching Techniques 2010


Someone asked me “How would I teach in today’s environment, what techniques would I employ?

I replied, “How much time do you have to listen”.

Let me share just one with you.

It is believed that there are

10% very smart students,

10% very slow learners

and every one else is in the middle.

Assuming I taught 180 days a year, I would create 180 Video DVD Lessons. Each DVD would contain…

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Everything I needed to know wasn't available in Kindergarten...

This year (2009) I learned the value of establishing a personal learning network that includes others who don’t think like me, while still sharing the same goals and sense of responsibility. By aggregating the blog/twitter/status/etc. feeds from my community into a single iGoogle or Netvibes page that also allows a single output to my own knowledge distribution portal, I become part of an intellectual community that learns and grows side-by-side with emerging technologies. It’s potent stuff… Continue

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