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Most Effective Modern Study Techniques

Human brain is a peculiar thing, and we have yet to discover how it gathers information and memorizes it. The author of the book “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why It Happens,” Benedict Carey claims that majority…


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Advantages of Distance Learning

Studying by distance learning has the benefit of allowing you to develop your career without having to leave employment. It also means that you can apply new knowledge and insights to your working life while you are still studying, with many students choosing to tackle work-related topics in their…


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How Vision Affects Learning

When a child or anyone is having learning problems, it’s incredibly stressful, but there are often reasons why it’s happening. Understanding why learning problems are occurring can be helpful to eliminate them, and one of the…


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Why Early Childhood Education Is An Important Career

Are you looking for a career to take on? Why not consider one in early childhood education. The need for child-care professionals including educators today is greater than before. Teachers are retiring, and there is an increase in school enrollment. It has created a constant need for top quality teachers. Further, parents have also recognized that a solid foundation in early childhood learning has impact children’s future success and education growth.  Therefore, there is a need for quality…


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What is Self-Directed Learning?

Self-directed learning (SDL) was introduced in the year 1984 in academic literature. The literature provided with the description and explanation of self-directed learning.…


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Learning a Language is Good for Your Mental Health

You may have considered learning a second language to boost your resume and broaden your job prospects, but did you know that learning a language is actually good for your mental health as well? Processing language is one of the most complex functions that your brain has to handle. So, you are actually expanding your brain’s capacity when you learn a second language – not to mention giving the old gray matter a great workout as well! Here are just some of the ways learning a language can…


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Online Management Courses. Is That Really Important?

Online accredited management courses are turning out to be more typical, offering a helpful route for business supervisors to increase new learning and skills. Online accredited management course programmes offer a substitute to traditional managerial education in the classroom with a few noticeable benefits.

Image Courtesy:

If you are a busy…


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Guide to learning with German Flashcards

The German flashcards from WordUnited are a well-known and popular study aid for many different languages. Although cards are often electronic today, the basic principle is the same. In the case of languages, flashcards are really useful for memorizing vocabulary, with the words and phrases in the target language on the front and the translation on the back.If you want to take your German up to an advanced level, you should seriously consider…


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5 Ways To Pursue Adult Education in 2017

Pursuing Adult Education in 2017

In 2017, many adults are making the decision to return to school. There are several options available to those wanting to earn or expand upon their degree. The process is not nearly as difficult as it was ten or twenty years ago, as there are several options available.

Students can go back to school on campus. They can apply, register…


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Want To Upgrade Your Career? An Online Management Course Is The Best Option You Have

Thinking of obtaining a fair pay hike? Think of joining online management course first. And if you don't want to accept the risk of changing your job or resigning it to obtaining a degree then the secured path convenient to you is going online. Confusing it may sound, but, theoretically speaking, you really can get an online degree that will help you upgrade by joining a distance study course.…


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What are the benefits of an online homeschool curriculum ?

There is no technological invention as dynamic as the internet. It has left no stone unturned in connecting people throughout the world. The capability of learning and developing a knack for information is best served through internet. The availability of learning any skill whenever and wherever it is required is one of the major advantages of online learning. Many online courses are put up on the online portals only after due research and authentication and that gives the children their…


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Tips for parents: How to train kids brain using technology

Every parent’s dream is to help their child become the very best they can be. It is not always possible to be there and to offer a helping hand though. In the modern world, it will not even be needed anymore, as you will be able to boost your kid’s learning skills with the aid of technology. Even so, you will have to pay attention what you allow your child, and what you will have to supervise.…


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10 Effective Resources For Your Online Classroom

Using online classrooms is no longer a novelty. They obviously make teachers’ lives easier and also foster greater student engagement because of their interactive nature. In today’s digital culture,…


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Active Learning Classroom: A Hand-On Approach To Learning

There is a great deal of discussion about the need of active learning these days. ‘Active’ can imply the student’s need of building up a connection with educators and other students for a collaborative learning experience. It can also refer the engagement of a student with his studies, which evolves when they are empowered with decision-making rights.…


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Online MBA: Students Boost Their Career Before They Graduate

The prospect of the career in business and management are immense. The similar education programme is valued by students and employers. This is because of the fact that business management studies cover every essential aspect of the commerce. That is why junior or middle managers and students enrol to MBA courses.

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In the past…


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The Hiring Trend: CVs Reflecting Digital Qualification Is The Buzz For Employment

Hiring trend changes from year to year depending on the factors like economic stability of the world or region and demand in the industries abreast others. This year it seems the trend is set to adopt a new approach. So if your organisation is looking to hire employees, certain aspects should be taken into account. There are many companies which are accepting digital qualification of job applicants. And are actually appointing individuals who have opted for online distance learning courses.…


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Online Learning: Pursuing Business And Management Degree Courses In Another Continent

Pursuing an online degree course has its several benefits to explore the world apart from its side effects. The flexibility of studying is what matters. You need not attend regular classes in order to attend lectures. However you can do the same sitting back home anytime when you are free. Apart from this, the online business and management degree courses has following benefits for the professionals. The accessibility of the online courses are huge. You get opportunity to interact with the…


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Redefining The Corporate Training With Online Distance Learning Courses

The skill gap is the major concern for organisations. Because it may affect operations and productivity of the companies. This affects the industry as the whole. And in the larger context, the economy of the region suffer a setback. This is one reason why corporates across the world are stressing upon the training of employees and even the new recruits. However, the training process and methods have transformed. Many companies instead of face to face training moved on to the online distance…


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How technology can minimize the education gap!

The LINC 2016 focuses on how internet learning advancements can engage the job of giving quality education at scale, especially in progress countries and developing markets. The meeting is requesting papers that address the difficulties confronting these advancements, report on genuine applications with solid results, inspect the generally extending scope of digital learning, and…


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My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

I'm doing a MOOC on

Good course

This is one of the assignments about expressive story telling

My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

This time I never expected what I was getting myself into.

There I was stuck in the middle of a multi media classroom surrounded by over 300 5 to 6 year-old students

When I got…


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