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Gun-Related violence in our schools is killing our children

Gun-related violence is killing our children at school on a regular basis. No matter how you decipher the statistics, the facts dictate that our schools are becoming a killing zone. Here, you can follow the events as they unfold. Statistically, since 2013, there has been a school-shooting on an average of every thirteen days somewhere in America.

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Chat Services for Efficient Data Transmission

Communication is the basis for promotion and transmission of valuable information. So the medium of communication has to be efficient and quick to transmit the necessary data on time. Chat services play a major role in this sphere as posting letters and sending oral messages have become a thing of the past. Instant messaging or online chats enables real-time transmission of text messages through the World Wide Web. It is a great alternative to mobile calling allowing the…


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Parents can help children find a passion for a career

‘A lucrative career or a plum job for my child’ – If someone has the capability to sneak into a parent’s mind, they are sure to hit upon this thought.

Building a career out of passion is a boon and living a life out of it is a blessing.

And what does it take to be a parent who does the fishing expedition to carve out a ‘settled’ future for our children? Can we really influence the smart generation? Are we also the mentors who would assist…


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Central Sector Scholarship – For University Students

In 1961-62, National Merit Scholarship Scheme was started by MHRD to provide financial assistance to the academically bright students who are willing to go for higher education but cannot do so because of lack of financial means. In the 11th five year plan Central Sector Scholarship replaced National Merit Scholarship Scheme but the basics of the Scholarship remained the same.

Ministry of Human Resource Development…


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Getting the Most Out of Your MBA

Pursuing MBA is a big decision. It requires a significant investment of time and resources. In most colleges, MBA fees run into lakhs. Moreover, the students need to prepare hard to clear MBA entrance exams. Right from writing essays to preparing for interviews, the students need to put in a lot of hard work to get into an MBA college. Therefore, it becomes important for all the students to get the most out of their MBA experience. 


Here are three useful…


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5 Ways to Engage Millennial Through Corporate Training


Most of the corporate houses keep looking for fresh recruitments in order to fuse a breath of new ideas and energy into their establishments; such that they do not lag behind in the race to survive and grow. And when does a business exactly out-do itself and its competition? When its employees are dynamic and know how to adapt as per the change in situations. To fulfill this purpose, businesses must understand the need for corporate training for…


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Love books? Get a career in library sciences

Do you enjoy the deep smell of leather bound books combined with the whiff of newly polished wood? Are you one of those people to whom books are more like members of family rather than objects? Do you consider your books as your greatest treasure? If your answer is yes then its time you seriously considered a career in…


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Tips & Tricks to Pass a VMware VCP 5.5 Certification Exam

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) title, which is the baseline certification from VMware, can provide many told and untold benefits in the IT industry. These include but are not limited to recognition in the industry for certified professionals, increments in salary on a regular basis, validation of your skills and respect from your colleagues, seniors and peers. Other tangible benefits include the right of inclusion of the VCP logo on websites and business cards, complimentary…


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Complete details about National Talent Search Scholarship Exam

NTSE or National Talent Search examination is one of the most renowned competitive National level scholarship examination that is been conducted in India since 1963 to grant scholarship aid to the students of Class 10 or equivalent.  Every year lakhs of students from India and abroad take this exam.

National Council of Educational Research and Training…


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Use mind map to unleash your creativity and potential

Mind mapping is an effective means to capture your thoughts and give them form and shape. Studies reveal that mind maps can make you more creative. They can improve your reasoning and memory and can help you solve problems effectively. If you are new to the concept of mind maps, find out all about it and how you can use it to unleash your creativity and brain’s potential.


A mind map is basically a diagram that connects information around a central subject. At the center lies…


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All you wanted to know about PGMP certification

If you are a project manager in one of the reputable organizations in Qatar and you wish to improve your career prospects in the same organization or you want to look out for job opportunities in other companies, you may consider doing PGMP certification. PGMP-Project Management Professional is a valuable certification that is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The main objective of this certification is to teach program governing and program managing to the managers. It…


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Top Highlighted Cisco Certification Courses in 2014

Cisco certifications hold a lot of value for employers and Cisco qualified professionals. These certifications validate the experience and technical knowledge of the individuals who acquire them. Hence, Cisco certifications deal with a huge variety of protocols and technologies that can significantly improve your credentials and make you a better IT engineer.

Taking a look back at 2014, there are many Cisco certifications that remained in the…


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How to Prepare for Your First MNC Interview

Appearing for an interview for the first time can be quite intimidating. There are certain crucial things to take into consideration. Best of preparation and training leads to successful placement in any multinational company. There are many preparation centers that help in guiding aspirants to get jobs in MNCs.…


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Methods of Service of Process in Personal Injury Claims

Service of process for personal injury has to be done perfectly and in accordance with the rules of each state. Commonly, there are three methods of process allowed: personal, service, and publication service. Personal one, or self delivery, is always favorite one because it is looked to have highest accuracy. Substituted one is only applicable when the defendant is not capable to be reached face to face. Publication one is only utilized as a ultimate option, because it is much liable to…


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Importance of SEO on medical marketing course

The world has moved on to be more technology-savvy. The same now applies to marketing aspect of medical practices. Patients are Internet friendly. They have deep knowledge on how they can find an ideal physician for issues relating to their health. It means marketing your medical field relies heavily on such patients, and this gives rise to more profits.

Benefits of SEO in medical marketing

Promoting your medical practice without including…


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What to do when you have personal injuries in accident not your fault

If you have been seriously injured in your car or truck or any other sort of accident, whether or not it is a slip and fall, an automotive accident or medical malpractice, it is laborious to prove who is accountable.

In the legal sense, "negligence" is that the word tend to describe careless behavior that causes or contributes to an accident

Determining accountability for any accident (often known as "liability") is sophisticated, however usually rests on whether or…


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London: A Global Educational Centre

London, with one of the largest populations of overseas students, is one of the greatest cities to study. London facilitates 46 universities offering over 30,000 courses for students around the world. Education in London really boosts your employment prospects with an internationally recognised London University degree.


Every year…


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Why to follow online based S E O conferences?

SEO conferences are very much helpful as they cater you a lot of interesting facts about modern search-engine optimization. These conferences are often equipped with highly interactive and engaging videos with fullest demonstrations. Different experienced SEO professionals also take part in the same and share their professional-life experiences which are really quite useful for improving the current SEO standards.…


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Choosing a field of specialization requires serious thought. The recent technological advancements should be considered. Networking has become increasingly complicated as the years pass by, and we need the right education to understand more the current knowledge and practices in networking.

Unlike the…


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Turkey: Top destination for abroad studies for international students

Turkey boasts of unique physical and spiritual features, and for this reason, it attracts everyone across the world. This country has a taste of two continents, Europe and Asia. It is more than just a bridge between these two continents. It is where the West and East meet. Turkey has been home to historical and cultural legacy and richness for many years, and succeeded in blending the cultures of the two continents. In addition, it has become a top destination for international students who…


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