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Two Major Revenue Sources

Two Major Revenue Sources

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Professional Development Best Practices

It is important to adopt best practices concerning Professional Development is another area where we can increase teacher performance and cut expenses. During times of fiscal crisis we have the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Actually, we should never spend money on what is not effective. Professional Development is another area school district need to…


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How to Find more Revenue Sources

School districts are going to have to learn to find new revenue sources. I read with great interest an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram; “Fort Worth School Leaders Eye Education Foundation.” Here is a quote from one of their administrators; “The basic purpose is fundraising,” Johnson said. “It is to support the district with our educational goals, to help…


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Two ways to cut enormous Special Education Costs

As a Chief Financial Officer I am frustrated by uncontrollable Special Education expenses. In this post I discuss the two ways to cut the enormous cost of special education. This includes not only the expense of the out of district placements but the legal fees involved in defending the cases.

Special Education expenses represent a…


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The Promise of Technology

The promise of Technology delivering a superior Education. There was an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review about Educators and their ability to procure quality technology. As educators we have seen first hand how the product that we thought was so great a few years ago is now outdated. Technology holds great promise for the future but public school…


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Technology to the Rescue

Public Education is due for an overhaul just like other industries. America spends more on education than almost any other nation in the world. This is true either measured by gross national product or per

pupil expenditures. Everyone agrees the…


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The Benefit of Per Unit Costs

During bad times the budget discussions go like this: The Math Supervisor adamantly defends the Math

Coaches and the Director of Professional Development would be appalled if you cut any professional

development. The AROI discussion will center on whether the Directors/Supervisors can “prove” A

school district can benefit by researching per…


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The Benefits of Privatization

Privatization in schools is an extremely controversial topic. Large school districts provide significant

employment opportunities to various local communities which is obviously important. 

We discussed in prior articles that eventually school districts will be faced with the problem…


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Where to Buy Capsiplex

As with most things on the internet you want to make sure you don’t get scammed when you decide to buy Capsiplex. There are several things you need to watch out for. Firstly, there could be websites selling Capsiplex at a much higher price than you need to pay. Currently, the manufacturer of this remarkable product has a great special offer if you buy a 3 month…


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Six Major School District Expenses

This week we will discuss six major school district expenses. Last week we had a friendly discussion on how we fund our school programs. If you read the last post you already know that we essentially rely on local property taxes and state aid to fund our schools.  We also know that you cannot raise local property taxes more than two percent each year. During the…


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How to Find Best Financial Advisor? Secrets Reveled

The corporate industry has grown up to a large scale. Indeed, there is a mandatory need of a financial advisor to take of all the business finances. Regardless of the fact that whether your company is small scale or large scale, you need a financial advisor. Long gone are the days…


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Motivation Brings in More Business in an Organization

Motivation is a key element in the success of an organization and it actually plays a great role in achieving set targets and goals. Often, employers of a company need to motivate the employees to perform the tasks with 100% attention and motivation so that there is no room for any mistake.…


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Making Money Being a Financial Advisor is Not Easy

If you are looking forward to take on the profession of financial advisor, here is news for you. There is no issue in taking up this profession but you have to make sure that making money in this is not as easy as you think. According to the experts, experience in this field matters a lot as you can sell your…


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What are Leadership Skills?

Leadership is very important to lead a team. This ability to effectively lead a team is based upon a set of key skills. These skills are defined after evaluating a number of factors because a leader has to deal with various people having different attributes. It is very important for a leader to be enthusiastic, motivator and ability to give respect to his team…


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List of Courses to Become a Financial Advisor

To become a financial planner or advisor, one should have a degree or certification. It’s not easy to obtain a degree or licensure which is needed to take on this career. Like the fields of financial advisors vary, courses also vary ranging from insurance planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

In-depth knowledge of estate planning, risk…


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Qualities that Make a Leader Complete in All Aspects

Every person has different qualities and the same case applies for leaders as well. Every leader exhibits different qualities depending upon their experiences and situations. The credibility of a leader is determined by the way which he adopts to motivate or lead the team. The best…


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Steps to Ponder while Choosing Financial Advisor

Everyone is familiar with the management of finances whether it is in any organization or any house. Managing finance is very essential to get know-how of how much you spent and how much you saved. But at a large scale i.e. in organization, it becomes mandatory to keep a check on the finances effectively and…


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Improve your Time Management being your Own Motivator

Working from home is not an easy task as it requires time management and motivation. Both these terms go hand in hand as time management is directly related to motivation factor. Managing the time in a correct manner is essential to be successful and it is only possible if you are motivated to do something. Immense amount of discipline is a requisite to…


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Leadership Skills for Team Building

Let me share some leadership skills for a better team building. Leading and motivating a team is very important in order to achieve best results. The success of the organization depends upon the performance of the team and performance depends upon the leadership and motivation factors. Everything depends upon the decision making capability of a…


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Leadership Potential: 6 Appeals

Everyone is a leader but the number of people you are leading is different. Somewhere or the else you are leading someone daily by one or the other means. Leadership is everywhere ranging from friends, family and workplace etc. At every level the type of leadership is different and a need for situational sensitivity arises. It implies that the way of leading a family…


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