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Ways to Define Leadership!

What is Leadership? A very common question yet difficult to answer. Leadership means being dominant enough to influence everyone in such a way that you are the king and everyone else is common public. A dominant person can be called a leader and leadership comes from within. No one can learn leadership as it is a behavioural attribute. Let’s take a look on the ways how we can define leadership in an effective…


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When to Implement Motivational Theory in the Organization?

Motivation is the integral part of every organization and plays an important role in the performance quality. It is directly related to the performance of the team and the output. Motivation doesn’t only affect the quality of life but also plays a major role in strengthening or weakening the bottom line. Every manager or motivator should motivate his employees regardless of their…


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Study of Motivation for Managers: Lesson 2

Let us now continue our study on motivation and its basic aspects. While you’re training on Motivation, you will come across many amazing concepts that can help you with better management. Mostly, new employees need more help and motivation. It might be little daunting for you but it is the best solution to extract best out of your employees. It is important to acknowledge the problem at first and then bring appropriate solution.…


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Importance of Team Motivation!

Team motivation is a crucial factor that is responsible in deciding the future of a team and business. Motivation is important in every field as a person feels confident if he gets help from his leader in accomplishing the task. Nowadays, every organization or company is focussing on motivating the employees to let them work by putting their all possible efforts. In past, only rare companies believe in motivation but now with the advent of time, every organization has understood its…


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Leadership Characteristics that every leader must have!

After your graduation in Business honors, you will find a complete study on management for your PG degree. This might make you understand the significance of management and how much it is important for any business type. No matter whether you have a small company or a large scale business, you got to hire someone who can take care of the team. Being a manager or a leader is an art. Sometimes you have to be specific and at the same…


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Why Small Ventures Require Financial Advisor the most?

It has been said that specialist in every field must be hired for every department of a company. Running a business and its growth is not an easy endeavor. You need to give your 100% in every task. Different departments have different requirements and you have to be adept enough to ensure those requirements and fill those positions rightly. Finance management of the company is quite a necessary and imperative task. You cannot really take it casually. Financial advisors like Joseph…


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Rise and Shine with Adept Motivational Skills

Every business has to see ups and downs to survive in the market. So you should not feel offended if you face any problem in your business as it is a very normal thing. Business solely depends upon managing finances and taking risks. And both these factors cannot be in your favour always so don’t get upset in case of crisis. Rather act smart and motivate your team to put in…


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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Save Money

Green looks good in every pocket and it’s all about money that keeps us going. At large scale or domestic aspect, every individual try and save maximum cash. There are some fundamental strategies that are to be followed when you aim at saving money. For a layman, there are different strategies that are followed at home and at the same time, for an industrialist, there are other set of strategies. Large scale groups…


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School District Revenue by Joseph Tramontana

School Revenue by Joseph Tramontana

School revenue sources are literally fixed and beyond control of local school districts. According to state law revenues must equal expenses during budget development. Budgets though are spending estimates and revenues really never are the same at the end of the year. Hopefully revenues will be higher than expenses or you will have some real…


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Joseph Tramontana has acted as School Business Administrator and HR Director for the Hamilton Township School…


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The Value of School Finance

Joseph Tramontana


The value of school finance cannot be emphasized enough.  I have had the pleasure of contributing to the field of education as a  School Business Administrator and Human Resources Director. Most of the credit in the field of education goes to teachers, principals and curriculum directors.  I agree that there value cannot be replaced.  However, a great deal of credit needs to…


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