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A Framework for Developing Teachers Part I

When the Victorian Department of Education released the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes in 2015 I rejoiced - especially the initiative on “Building Leadership Teams”. This initiative was defined as:

“Effective schools…


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Bringing Parents into the Learning Partnership

A student’s performance is mostly impacted by three communities

  1. The School Learning Environment
  2. The Student’s Peer Community and their own beliefs about learning
  3. The Parental / Family Community

Schools tend to spend most of their time, money and energy working on the School-Student leg. Most of the professional development done in…


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Purpose + Alignment = Success

Many years ago when I used to teach engineering at university I had a passing interest in the field of shape optimization. It was a fascinating field because the idea of optimization in my particular area of expertise revolved around designing software that could optimize the placement of material so that, for given forces and stresses, the software would design the best and lightest shape of an object to withstand the given input.…


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Teacher Performance Frameworks

I have been following with much interest the blogs, news articles and debates about teacher rating occurring in the USA. Part of my interest stems from the discussion that is starting to occur in Australia, driven by our Federal Government, about teacher performance and productivity.

I want to…


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Success Criteria -the Missing Link in the Learning Partnership?

Most of the teachers I work with, in schools all over Australia, have for some time included Learning Goals or Learning Intentions in their planning and use these with their students. Some teachers use WALT (What Are we Learning Today?) or simply begin with the phrase ‘Today I am learning to...’ In some learning spaces, the Learning Goal has a designated space on a whiteboard or noticeboard so that the students can refer to it as they work. If the learning community is further along on their…


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Deliberate Practice and Skill Development

One of the clear facets of the Australian Curriculum is the requirement for teachers to explicitly develop skills in the students. These skills include both the subject specific skills as well as what are now termed the general capabilities (another name for interdisciplinary skills).

The challenge for teachers is figuring out HOW they are going to be more explicit about…


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Growth Mindset and School Cultural Change

Recently I wrote a  reply to a school who was asking me about Growth mindsets as a school philosophy and also how to go about framing the need for school cultural change. While I was writing it I realised how critical what I was writing was for many schools. As such I have included it for all of you. I would love any thoughts you have.

Do you know of a ‘template’ or model for a curriculum framework?

When you say “curriculum framework” it…


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Building a High Performance School – Communication and Barriers

As long time readers of our blog will know I am working with a number of schools to support them in creating a culture of high performance learning. If you read back through the blogs you’ll find some of the earlier discussions we have had around becoming clearer about what was their actual vision for the school and what that would look like.

We are now moving from the WHAT to the HOW. This requires us to explore WHO we need to enrol in the new vision and also addressing some of the…


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What house do you live in?

It might seem odd to begin a blog post with this title but hopefully you will find that the analogy is quite apt.

We all live in houses. However, the style, the quality, the fittings, the size, and the neighbourhoods that our houses are in are all different. It seems to be a trend in most countries that many people aspire to the larger house, the higher quality fittings, the expensive neighbourhoods, the more impressive styles, and so on. It would be a rare person that aspires to a…


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Developing 21st Century School Leadership


I have realised over the past 6 months how few schools are actually clear about what their long term vision is. Part of the impact of this lack of vision and disciplined building of this vision is that schools can quite often be focussed on things that disperse their power and ability. They become like a thirsty person wandering in the desert – going from one mirage to the next. Teachers become inured to change and morale can suffer.


In an increasingly competitive…


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From Age to Age - the effects of the shift in educational paradigms

It is currently a frustrating and challenging time in education. It seems as if teachers and educators are speaking one language and having one set of outcomes for the students they teach, and politicians, the media, and parents are speaking another.

Because they are.

It is occurring because they are standing in different paradigms. We are in the midst of the biggest paradigm shift in the human existence and we all are experiencing issues that I suggest are normal to the…


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Student Engagement

What gets students engaged in a topic?

It is a constant question that many educational consultants get from teachers.

The answer is both simple and complex at the same time! In some ways it is two questions - "how do I get the students interested and engaged in what we are covering" and "how do I keep them engaged"

According to neuroscience what…


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Safety, Connection, Learning and Inquiry

I just returned from running workshops in Queensland, Australia and the group of teachers and I had a fantastic discussion around safety, connection and learning.

Let me tune you in to how we got into it by reproducing a bit of the morning of the Advanced Inquiry Workshop.

Our brain is designed to to ensure the safety and survival of our bodies. So it…


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Formative Rubrics – a great approach to developing skills

Rubric (noun): “perscribed guide for conduct or action”

One of the most significant challenges that teachers are experiencing at the moment in the Australian education system is shifting the paradigm of how they approach delivering education. Most schools suffer the schizophrenia of knowing that the development of essential skills and…


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Thinking Differently – developing new ideas

“It’s the things people know … that ain’t so”,

Howard Armstrong, Inventor of FM Radio

What is it that allows people to come up with ideas outside the box?

When I ask teachers what do they see are the skills required for the 21st century some of their answers include

lateral thinking, risk-taking, problem…


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Leadership and Learning: Part 2

In last week's blog we begun a discussion about developing leadership whilst student's are learning. This week we explore, what John Maxwell calls "the quickest way to developing leadership".

F.F. Fourneis, in his wonderful exposition Coaching for Improved Work Performance, discussed four common reasons why people do not perform the way they should:

1. They do not know WHAT they are supposed to do

2. They do not know HOW to do it

3. They do not know WHY they do… Continue

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Leadership and Learning: Part 1

It is interesting when you start reading out of your field how many interesting ideas one discovers that are applicable to education.

Ken Blanchard is one of the world leading experts on management and leadership. He is the author of a series of books called the “One Minute Manager”. He, and his team, have sold millions of books and empowered managers and leaders in a range of industries worldwide in simple and effective approaches to developing leadership and managing their…


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Practices. Practices!

I have had an interesting time this week as I went and visited a range of schools to observe teachers teaching (or should that be …provide a space for learning to occur?). I was able to sit in on a range of teachers and the variety of approaches they use to promote learning.

Before I get into the topic of teacher practices I think I must start by saying that good inquiry learning requires elements of explicit teaching, practicing, skill development, and inquiry. It is a…


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