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Internet of Things and its influence on Education

Mentioning the fact that our lives became highly depended on the connections of the Internet is almost redundant. Still, as a detail that should prove this point and launch it beyond the point of any doubt, is the statistic that in 2008 the number of connected devices exceeded the number of people on Earth. By the year 2020, there will be more than 50 billion devices online, starting from our PCs, tablets,…


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The Price of Education: An Ongoing Problem of Student Loans

Currently Americans owe more than 1.2 trillion dollars for student loan payments. This represents the major problem for both their household finances and the American economy. The period after they roll out from college is the time when young people need money the most. This problem forces young Americans to postpone starting a family, taking a mortgage, or even buying a car. It positions them further away from the ‘American Dream’ their parents want them to pursue.


Class of…


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Computer Literacy and Why You Need It

Computers have become an inevitable part of everyday business life. Not only that today we have to be literate with computers, but there are also gadgets that can enhance our business experience. Being able to use all them for business purposes can bring you a lot of benefits.


Better vertical penetration


Say that you are a young worker in a large company. If you have been using computer since you were a child, there is a high probability that you will…


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Career Progress through Continued Education: Myth or Reality

The speed at which the business world today is functioning leaves no room for improvisation. Time is money and money frees your time, given that you master the ability of working less and earning more. It sounds illogical and impossible, but the fact is that a study has shown that some nations work less than others and still have a higher standard of living. The point is in a well-organized education system and smooth labor…


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Web Hosting and Cloud Become Priority One Services in Education

Over the last few years, we saw educational institutions moving towards digital solutions in most of the critical aspects: learning, teaching, administration, admission, etc. The shift to the emerging web based platforms came as a natural result of accelerated technology growth, as well as people’s increased reliance on online resources and connected devices.

As Jessica Furseth noted earlier, “the…


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