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How far back should your resume go?

If you have found the right resume template to make your resume stand out, it's time to fill it out. When you get to the experience section you need to consider how much of your experience you should put there. There are a few simple rules or guidelines to help you know what to include. There is also one tip for how to write about your experience that you should really know.


The 10 year rule

The general rule is that if the experience is over 10 years old,…


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Why a well-designed resume is the key to getting your application noticed

As you may well know; the job market is not good at the moment. Sure; governments around the world are bleating about the fact that the unemployment rate has started to fall, but even for the most ‘basic’ of positions you will still find that there are dozens and dozens of applicants. The truth is; most recruiters are lazy. They are barely going to read the…


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