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The web education

At present, we are seeing a lot of innovations combining web 2.0 and Education. There is a new social network .com or platform coming up every day. I, as a teacher wonder which one will make a difference to my teaching and work as an effective collaborative online resource for students and teachers?

With some research, I have identified an good online collaborative learning platform . Here, you can see teachers and students learning together and fantastic use of Web2.0. FunnelBrain… Continue

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Educating yourself to hone your memory skills

Education of today is validated after an exam, and most exams expect students to have the ability to retain matter taught to them and reproduce the same. Is this method right? This is a question which has been asked by many educationalists and more importantly, till the time the answer is determined, we need to ensure that every student has one method through which this exam can be conquered. Studies have shown, 48 hours after a… Continue

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Advanced methods for more effective learning

Technology has made its advent into various day to day aspects in the past few decades; one of the most important among them has been the innovative educational techniques being implemented today at schools, universities and also in the form of study guides to those students who require it. We have on one end universities which offer complete online degree programs for those who cannot fit a campus program into their schedule, and on the other end, many websites serve to help teachers cater to… Continue

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Are we ready for electronic books and study materials in classrooms?

The latest news is here, that Sony has also entered the E-Book reader market. The mobile eBook applications are not far behind, Safari's bookbag application for iPhone is one such example. This indicates that the eBook technology is definitely gaining momentum.

Combining eBooks technology with the collaborative social learning platforms will definitely changing the way we… Continue

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A move forward towards online education

In a recent study US Department of education indicates that the students who use online learning in addition to the classroom are more productive. This is definitely a move forward towards the use of online learning in mainstream education. Online learning is fun and interactive, the students who experience this are encouraged to use it more often. The ability to share and learn from other students anywhere in the world is a definite plus point.

According to the study… Continue

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Is online learning Effective

Online learning cannot actually replace the learning obtained from regular schools. However, with technology advancement internet can be leveraged effectively as supplemental method of studying. Students are familiar with the digital tools and given an assignment they use online resources effectively and learn in self directed manner. Today's net generation like to discover new things and learn from hands on experience. when they look for information online,

not only will they try… Continue

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