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Teaching Courses You Can Do Online

Teaching is one of the most important professions in society as it prepares people for their professional and social life and how they interact with others. Most importantly, teaching helps develop young students who are the future of tomorrow and very important for the development of the nation. It is a profession that has both financial and emotional rewards. These aspects make teaching a very respected and important position in society that many of us can look up to.

If you…


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Best Hacks for Government Sector Recruitment Exams

In this day and ages, finding a decent job is extremely difficult for most people across the length and the breath of country. Needless to say, there is a lot of dependency on the government to provide suitable jobs for the educated Indians. However, of late it has been noticed that the number of vacancies compared to the number of people seeking government jobs is quite low. Yet, thousands of people appear for these exams as they are the best bet for many qualified Indians. As a result of…


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Maintaining Balance in the Home as Parent and Teacher

Parents look for ways to bond with their kids either through sports, shared hobbies and quality time but education is also a way to build a stronger relationship with your child especially when the parent is the teacher.

Homeschooling is a family affair that involves everyone in the house as part of the process whether they are the student, the teacher or even sometimes the principal. Choosing this form of education can often bring a family closer together because there is…


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6 Wonderful Tips To Empower You In 2018

It’s a few months into the new year and by this time you should have begun on navigating how you’re to achieve your resolutions. This is the moment to stand up and make a change in your life. The truth is, the more you focus on your sensitivity and compassion the more happiness and success you will bring into your life. Every Nigerian youth has a duty to stand up and work towards making their life better. Perhaps you just graduated and looking for a job, it’s only standing up to face the…


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Why Youngsters Need to Be Encouraged to Become Teachers in Kolkata?

Teaching is no doubt an interesting profession. It is vital to understand the role played by teachers in the society and why the youngsters in the cities like Kolkata need to be encouraged to take this profession seriously. The city of Kolkata is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in India. It is filled with joy and is known to be the home of some of the most well-known talents the country has seen.…


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