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How to Choose the Right Study Abroad Location For you

Studying abroad is something that’s a popular choice for many U.S. students.

There are many benefits to studying outside of the U.S., even for a short time period.

The benefits are often professional, personal and academic.

The number of students opting to study abroad from the U.S. is increasing…


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4 Times In Your Career When You’ll Need To Send Money Overseas

Most, if not all, of us reading this should know how to send money to someone domestically. It can be as simple as sending money to an address from a Venmo or PayPal account, writing somebody a check, giving someone cash, or completing a wire transfer.…


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Top Tips For Teachers Getting Ready For The New School Year

Now that summer is drawing to a close and the new school year is upon us, as a teacher it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of returning to the classroom, regardless of whether you’ve been teaching very long or not.


Here are the top…


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3 Smart Tips for Surviving Your First Year Teaching High School

From nationwide teacher shortages to absolutely insane turnover rates, it's no secret that schools today have a trouble retaining talent.


This is especially true in the case of first-year teachers who often deal with a series of major uphill hurdles as newbies to the field. Often considered the “make or break” year for any…


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3 Tips for Saving More Money on a Teacher’s Salary

Everyone knows that teachers are probably the most underpaid employees in the world today. Teachers are responsible for children of the future, yet the salaries provided by most states are mediocre at best.


For the time being, it is what it is.…


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Four Stress-Free Ways to Seamlessly Integrate Technology into a High School Classroom

As technology becomes more and more of a priority for school districts and administrators, teachers often find themselves struggling.


Sure, every teacher wants to be that all-star educator that finds creative ways to…


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How Educators Can Watch for Mental Health Red Flags

As an educator, you may already feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and things can get more difficult when you’re worried about one of your students.

Research shows that one out of five children have a mental illness and may benefit from something like depression treatment, yet these…


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What to Know About Expense Management in Higher Education

Higher education systems are at a unique crossroads right now. They manage massive budgets and in the past few years the cost of attending a university, public or private, has risen exponentially. At the same time, as a result of the increased attention on topics like student loan debt, a lot of universities…


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4 Tips For Finding The Right School For Your Child

Every parent knows that finding the right school for their child is of utmost importance. Ideally the school your child goes to will help them to grow and learn, while opening up a world of opportunities for them.


But how can you find the right…


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How Vision Affects Learning

When a child or anyone is having learning problems, it’s incredibly stressful, but there are often reasons why it’s happening. Understanding why learning problems are occurring can be helpful to eliminate them, and one of the biggest reasons people experience trouble in the classroom is because of vision…


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How Automation Can Improve Your Educational Business Model

Across all industries, there is a rapid increase in automation. What enables the transfer of data is open automation software, which can reliably deliver data right to the source--from anywhere. This includes service-to-service and service-to-client.

Automation is quickly integrating into our…


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Top Tips For Teaching Online While On The Road

If you’re on an online educator who would very much like to travel the country in an RV or travel trailer while you work, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s perfectly possible to do so long as the school or university you work at does not require you to actually be on…


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4 Tech Tools for Busy College Students

College is a time in a person’s life where they can further their education in order to learn more skills and get better jobs.

It’s also a place where many young adults first learn how to manage their own lives. They are plunged into a world where keeping track of…


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Mold Innovative Minds with These Five Steps

The thing about our contemporary lifestyle is we have to reinvent almost everything. Lifecycles churn much more quickly than they ever have. Our students will be our future leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs. We must foster innovation, similarly to …


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Top Five Financial Tips For Teachers

Most teachers are very proud and passionate about what they do, while also accepting the fact that their jobs usually come with a relatively lower salary in comparison to other careers.…


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