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Dealing With Writer's Block

The blank piece of paper.

It's the hardest thing for the writer to deal with. Sometimes he can stare at it for hours on end and by the time he is done staring it's still a blank piece of paper. Welcome to the world of writer's block. Any writer worth his salt has gone through it. The thing that separates the…


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Step by step… get moving on your successful career change

I’m sure you’ve heard all of the saying to get you started on something new. You put one foot in front of the other. One thought leads to the next. One action causes a result. One breath brings the next. And the journey has begun.

Where are you not moving forward or taking…


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10 Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating…


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Want to write a better blog? Stop trusting Google

As a writer and a blogger, you need two things — great content and people to read it. That much you know. But what you don’t know is the best way to get both is to give up on and make your own Google search engine.

Custom search engines let you decide what sites are valuable enough to appear in your research. Defining a finely tuned pool of resources to link to and…


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Writing drafts

Once the writing assignment has been mapped or outlined, you are ready to write the first draft of the paper or essay. When writing the first draft, focus on getting the ideas down quickly. Don't agonize over grammar or detailed references at this stage. You will be concerned with grammar, complete references, and style when writing the second or final drafts.

For longer…


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5 Reasons to Outline Your Fiction Writing

Writing is a relationship between the writer and his or her idea. And like any relationship, it’s best to perform due diligence on the situation before jumping in. With respects to fiction, due diligence typically involves a great deal of prewriting, with a strong emphasis on the outline, like writing an article, essays etc. I know that sometimes it's really hard to…


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How To Make A Blog That Beats Wikipedia

How to make a blog that beats Wikipedia? Try typing these keywords in Google: emphysema, acai berry and Siberian Husky. Now, look which site is placed 1st in Google search for these keywords? If you get it right, you would be see that…


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