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Ajay Bhat Monnet Ispat

Ajay Bhat's Profile: Senior Corporate professional with over 27 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Business and Financial restructuring in diverse industries like Pharma, Steel, Power and automobiles. Wide experience in fund mobilization in domestic and International Markets. Dealt with large PE and Fund houses, widely travelled across the…


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E-scholarships for Student in India 2019

Now the Bright Life Foundation invites entries for eScholarship from 5th to 12th Class India 2019. Apply for escholarship and get a chance to win scholarships worth Rs 31000. Those student passed grade 5th to 12th Class last year they can apply for  scholarship online. Hurry up don’t miss this opportunity, Registration start from 1st May to 30th May 2019.…


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Ideal Investment Options for Salaried Individuals

For optimum financial growth, a salaried individual should invest a portion of the income into profitable options in addition to saving. There are occasional cash inflows such as bonuses and hikes that can add more momentum to the financial growth and help in reaching the goals sooner if invested smartly.

Read on to know about the most promising and profitable Investment options that are worth investing in for salaried…


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3 Smart Ways to Create a Sizable Corpus for your Child's Education

For some, accumulating a corpus for their children may begin the moment a child is born. Yes! The highly competitive and costly world of academics and extracurricular activities alike gives sleepless nights to parents. Besides, higher education in a foreign university has become a common trend. To maximize your investment returns, you need to build a strong investment portfolio by choosing the right investment plan for your child’s…


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The Role of Talent Management at Global Organizations

With the development of current organizations, the extent of talent management teams has extended enormously, and this has likewise prompted extra obligation on the shoulders of the industry experts within the organizations who presently wind up at the center of their own key piece achievement, and the pressures they bring. While it is vital to build up operational capacities within organizations through talent development, there has been an important shift…


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All You Need to Know About Digital Badges

Are you pondering over studying about digital badges but have no clue where to begin from? This article is exactly for people like you as it is going to provide you with all the information that you need to gather on digital badges.

So let us begin with the basic definition of Digital Badges.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge…


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Importance of Aligning Strategy with your Business Objectives

The research put into growing industries like talent management have been paying off immensely for the professionals that have put their faith, time and resources into being a part of it. There are new ideas and management systems that undergo significant development and evolution even after they are presented and the growing need for effective planning and workplace harmony, particularly at large companies, has made the department an indispensable aspect of…


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Top 4 things to Know when you Have Chartered Accountancy Qualification

When a person thinks about a good career in accounting, the first thing comes to the mind is to examine and prepare financial records. Well, these are the main duties of the accountants. Aside from this, they would be responsible to calculate the tax returns accurately and make sure that the tax payments are done properly so that the organization can avoid legal consequences. To get…


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Exam Proctoring Services – All You Wanted To Know

Are you wondering what are exam proctoring services? Are you curious to know more about proctoring and proctors and how does this online test proctoring function? If yes, then worry not and keep reading as we will tackle each of these questions in the few lines below.

So before we go on to learn about exam proctoring services, let’s learn more about proctoring services and who or what is proctor and how…


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Receptionist jobs: important points you need to know before you plan to make your career in this profession

Some of the most basic yet important position in an organization is the role of a receptionist. If you want to know more about the qualities of a receptionist, then you shouldn’t miss this article. A receptionist is a person in an office to regulate the activities of the front office and supports the position. The work is typically performed in a waiting area, for example, a lobby or front office/work area of an association or business. The title…


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Choosing the Finest HR Certification

Certifications can act as a catalyst for success and I think we all known this fact. But the main question is which certification to go for?

There are a number of able HR certifications on the market. And as they are so many of them, the competition is translating into a high-grade standard. You…


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How to Plan for Your Child’s Higher Education

“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Planning for your child’s future education is difficult than it used to be a few decades ago. Presently, higher education has become incredibly specialized and nuanced, but it requires much more involvement and investment than before. A child’s higher education…


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Enjoy Mouthwatering street food In Indore

In India, people are very foodie. Street food is easily available at any place. Street food is a food which is made in few minutes. Street Food sold by a hawker, or vendor, in public places, like market or fair.  In fair, all the hawker and vendors put their stalls. All these street food are sold using portable food booth, food cart, or food truck. All these street food are easily or immediately consumed by people. In India, there is a variety of taste which…


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Important Benefits of a Computer Based Test

There are various examinations that are conducted through the process of computer-based test. The important thing about this is the test center that needs to be perfect enough to hold the huge number of candidates who are definitely going to appear for that examination. The whole importance of computer-based test is related to the process of assessment. Since the introduction of this new test process, the ideal condition has become very common among the…


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What is new in the market in terms of web designing?

Coming to this year in 2018, web designing is seen as an outstanding achievement where a user can experience the best themes that can be incorporated for accessing different framework in order to gain visual concepts and typography to get off to the right start in this year.  With the arrival of mobile apps, web development and web designing, it has come up with newly added feature and creativity so as to grab the attention of the user and get stayed in the…


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How Does CompTIA's Project+ Compare to PMI's PMP

CompTIA Project+ certification

This certification is awarded by CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association, which is a non-profit organization and association that issues many other professional certifications within the IT or information technology segment. The Project+ certification was started in the year 2001 and was updated later in the year 2003. The certification exam has a 90-minute duration and a maximum of a hundred…


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What’s Better to Learn First: Spark Vs Hadoop?

Apache Spark and Hadoop are two of the most popular frameworks used for big data analysis, computing, and processing. Both the software are quite popular and those who want to learn more about big data processing and analysis would definitely like to know which one to pursue and learn earlier.

Hadoop is the Fundamental of the Two

Hadoop is the…


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Bmlt Course – a Popular Career Oriented Course

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (Bmlt course) is one of the prominent and well-known courses among the students and a large number of students want to make their career in this field.

What is B.M.L.T?

B.M.L.T stands for Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology…


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What is the Value of ITIL Certification?

ITIL certification is a popular and highly recognized certification in the IT operation field, which lets the candidates prove their acquaintance with ITIL framework. With increasing adoption of this framework in national and global companies, the market is offers numerous  career prospects for the ITIL certified professionals.

ITIL – How valuable is it for Individuals and…


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How to Assess the Candidate in a Right Manner

There are often times where a start-up company faces a lot of problem in dealing with the right type of candidates that needs to be hired. However, keeping money factor in mind they often opt for personal interview and hire the candidate who they think can fit in their expectation bar. But the fact is scenario is completely different and the reason is personal interview is considered to be the only source of assessment. Ideally, it is a proper assessment…


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