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The elimination of homework is just silly

            For the past too many years secondary education has been in a constant state of change. Being a retired teacher I clearly remember all the majestic programs guaranteeing to improve the education system in our nation and lead all of our children toward better and more fulfilling lives. Some of these include, ‘the open classroom’ in which walls were eliminated so our children could experience what promised to be the future of the work environment. ‘Differentiated…


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Thanks Mr. Hawking for teaching people how to look into the sky

            A rather famous statement made by people who hope to explain that something is not difficult because it is not rocket science has been around for my entire life. If something is too difficult people go on to explain it is rocket science. Stephen Hawking showed the world that rocket science is simply looking into our sky in order to wonder where we all came from, when it all began, and where we are going.


            Like most people who lived…


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What kind of a world do we want our grandkids to live in?

            Everything that means anything is local. Many people think national news is what makes all of our futures. This is wrong. Where we live defines how we live. What our neighbors believe and what our children are being taught defines what we are and what we will become. In other words, what kind of a world do we want our children and grandchildren to live in.?


            Anytime anyone discusses the concepts of gun ownership, laws, and definition…


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Believe nothing what you hear…….

            On March 23, 1872, the concept of believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see was published by The Raleigh Daily News. This statement is also associated with an 18th century statement English publication. This concept has also been associated with Edgar Allen Poe. This idea is now at the forefront of our political realities. With the onset of “fake news” and the obvious attack on our nation’s political system the idea that you believe…


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Collaboration has to be the future of public education.

            Education is once again changing. I am a retired teacher and have suffered through many education systems that were all said to save our public education system. Some of these include the open classroom (at which time I taught the entire school chemistry), differentiated learning (as if we weren’t doing that before), no child left behind (when would any teacher leave any student behind), and now the beginning and end of common core. Yes, you guessed it; I am old.…


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Another reason I became a teacher was Ms. Solomon. Or at least I think she was a ‘Ms.’

Every now and then all teachers need to remember why they became teachers. Sometimes these reasons raise a smile on all of our faces. Also, we all need a break from the stresses of the election and its results. 

Autumn is one of those magical times of the year when everything seems to be changing for the better.

Our gardens are yielding up their delicious bounty, the heavy summer air has been replaced by an invigorating freshness and kids everywhere…


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The September your children are walking into

            The hazy crazy days of summer are soon to be replaced by the structured education of our children. Some schools start in late August while others wait until the traditional end of summer call Labor Day. This year many of our children will be experiencing a new form of education philosophy that will concern itself with “Common Core” and “Proficiency Based Education”. This is a substantial change in how our children learn. The question before all of us is this a good…


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The legacy of a stainless steel world

The other day at school I was advised by my administration that I should keep my political views to myself. Since the present political cycle is the oddest and most interesting of my life this request will be very difficult to obey. But, also since I am getting older and retirement is less than a year away I thought it best to listen to myself and be damned to all who want to control my thoughts


As I watched my colleagues remove all of their students work in order…


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It took 30 years to figure out I was only a teacher

         I had a great day.....


..... yesterday.  But, even the greatest of days doesn't make it any easier to get up at 5:00 in the morning.  If only I could get to bed before 11:00 PM on school nights. That would make my life much easier.  With mountains of correcting being precipitated every day that possibility is basically impossible.  So here I am, shocking myself awake with a cold shower so I can stay alert for the approaching new day.


         I'm off…


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Thanks for the memories Charlie Brown

         I was driving to work the other day thinking of all the things I had to do and also thinking of things I wasn’t supposed to do when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a giant billboard advertising the new “Peanuts” movie. I found myself smiling forgetting all the reality the past 65 years had taught me


            Thanks, Charlie Brown, for helping me survive my younger years. In fact, thanks for helping get through my life. You showed me that being…


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Those who can do because they were taught how to

            The new school year is approaching. I know this because a few days ago I saw my first “Going Back to School Sale” being advertised on television. Many families are now seen scurrying through malls shopping for school dress and supplies. It is a scene I’ve been part of for over three decades. Schools are also getting ready for the influx of students with dreams of becoming anything they want to become.


            Winding through the malls hoping to find the…


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Not too long ago our schools were centered on our children and not Standardized Tests

            Even before our children clean out their lockers or cubby holes the stress of political and economic discussions about how we run our schools turn everyone’s head away from why they exist in the first place. Today’s standardized tests and competition between schools and states have forgotten the purpose of our public school system.


            Nobody will argue the fact the people of New England consider the education of their children very important. Because of…


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What do students think about the many faces of public education?

There comes a time in every teacher’s life when they should stop teaching and start learning from their students. I’ve been teaching for over three decades and just complete a conversation with one of my students that made me do just that. It concerned how technical education was taking over pubic education in both substance and quality. He also questions the attitude and readiness of students entering college.

This student, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a Top Ten ranked…


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The argument over content vs. context has reached public education

Public education has gone through many changes throughout my three decades teaching. When I first started teaching chemistry both the teacher and the student was responsible for the success of the student. The administration’s primary responsibility was to support both the students and their teachers.  At that time my success was equated by how well my students understood the concepts and mathematic logic of this central science. Motivation was critical back then because many teachers…


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For educators these are the best and worse of times

                For educators these are the best and worse of times

                                                By Jim Fabiano


            In my three decades teaching I’ve had many student teachers observe my class. The first time I meet these young men and women I advise them the teaching profession is considered the best and the worse of professions. They always look at me shyly and usually ask what I mean.




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What all parents should understand about “Common Core Standards”

I am only a teacher. I’ve only been a teacher for the past three decades. I, as you should be, are concerned with the implementation of “Common Core Standards” What gives me credibility is I was also concerned about the 2001 implementation of “No Child Left Behind”. We all know how that came out. I fear the new program will make a lot of money for the businesses of education and once again leave our students weakened and confused. 

It is estimated that the program, “No Child…


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