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The New Classroom Technologies Were Out of the World And About to Get Even Better


Stan was a high-school French teacher, he liked to teach, and he was good at it, he'd better be after nearly 15-years. Thankfully, he'd been a teacher that long, as even teachers with 10-12 year tenure had been laid off recently with all the budget cuts, scary stuff. Luckily, he was still working, because he had a daughter who'd cost him a pretty penny in the next 4-6 years. Yes, he enjoyed the world of education, but he also…


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What is the Right Assessment for the Fair Value of an Education These Days? - by Lance Winslow



It seems these days that we are watching the government regulators crack down on Wall Street with the new Financial Reform Law, and their theory is that they will now have the power to enforce regulations and prevent another global economic meltdown or disintegration…


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Free Enterprise Examples of Future Education Considered - by Lance Winslow

What Will Higher Education Look Like in the Future?

Everyone knows that our schools, high schools, colleges and even our universities are just not what they used to be. Many believe it is due to the children and their upbringing, parenting. Indeed, it is some of that and the lack of discipline in school. And yes, it is true that the school districts are generally top heavy, and the funding often doesn't get into the… Continue

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2010 Trends in Teaching - by Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow

Oct. 23, 2010

Due to massive budget cuts, many teachers were laid off during this last global recession. In some states like California many teachers who had nine years worth of tenure were cut from the payroll. Imagine a second grade school teacher who had taught for nine years being laid off due to budget cuts; it doesn't make sense does it? Nevertheless, that's exactly what happened.

Not only that but… Continue

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Translate Text and Speech into Sign Language for the Deaf Using Avatars - By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow

You know those cute little characters you pick to represent you on Internet forums and Blogs, well imagine a dynamic Avatar that works with speech recognition software and coverts it to sign language? A deaf person could attend Professor Lectures, Speeches or listen in on a group discussion without having to read lips. How about a Text to sign language Avatar that would read a book to a deaf person or an email?

Well, imagine no more because this technology… Continue

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