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Phishing Tips on How To Prevent Phishing


Basically phishing is the way to do fraud on the internet. Cybercriminals attack the personal details of peoples. They get the access of bank account, credit card, and debit cards of people. The cybercriminals send the email to people to do phishing attack on the personal details of people. It is a modern way of robbery. In 2015 the phishing attack is on the peek of attacking. Then the cybersecurity decided to protect people from these hackers. There are some tips…


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Why there are so many plagiarism checkers?

The internet is like that big old shopping marts with every single product in bulk. Some are cheap and some are expensive – sometimes the expensive ones are not even worth the cent you have spent on them. There are many plagiarisms checkers a user can land on, but what makes the best one point out?

What happens when you type in Plagiarism checker on google, just like you would search any other thing? You will be bombarded by 40 to 50 different websites of…


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If you are a student, a professional marketer or someone who deals with a large amount of content as part of your work, then you must have at least heard of plagiarism checkers that could make your life so much easier. is the new trend out there for plagiarism checking due to its effectiveness, simplicity to use and reasonable pricing. Here is our review of this awesome tool that makes plagiarism check for large amounts of data so much…


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How Many Responses Do I Need For My Academic Survey?

You are conducting research for your academic paper, but you do not know how many respondents you need to have to validate your survey? We would like to make your job easier by explaining to you various methods for deciding how many answers are required for the successful survey. 

Let's see first what exactly survey research is. Survey research includes a larger number of respondents selected on the basis of a random sample to…


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Photography As A Career

Do you have a growing knack of photography and searching for the best photography institutions? Here, is a detailed study of the various career options that you can proceed with it. Not only that, but you also get a compiled list of all the top photography institutions in Kolkata for you to choose as per your need and convenience.

It was long…


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