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Bigger Class Sizes And Budget Cuts Equal Education Woes In Primary Schools

You might have noticed that your child’s class size has grown dramatically in the past 5 years and with more education budget cuts on the way, it could get much worse. Larger class sizes means more students and less one on one instruction from teachers. This could lead to lower test scores, more students failing out of classes and a country that is falling behind other world leaders who are focusing more of their attention on the education of their children.…


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The Rising Cost of University In The UK

A recent study has shown that university tuition fees in the UK are among the highest in the world and it seems as though prices are going to keep increasing over the next 5 years. As of 2017, the average annual cost for university tuition in the UK was £9,188, which just recently surpassed that of a university education in the US which is currently £7,518 per annum.…


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Taking advantage of Ajman’s Free Zones for your business

Starting a business in UAE especially in their free zones is not a hard sell for any entrepreneur regardless of country and nationality. The 100% company ownership, zero currency restrictions, 100% exemptions from import and export taxes, repatriation of profits and capital, and 0% personal and corporation taxes are the attractive incentives few businessmen could resist.



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How project-based-learning helps prepare the kids of the future?

It is every parent’s wish to have their children prepared for the future. But with the traditional school education of this day and age, there is no guarantee of the desired outcome.

In this ever-evolving world, the workplace has also evolved. Employees these days are required to do much more than following clear instructions and chasing deadlines. They are expected to think creatively, learn and process new information swiftly and put forth inputs while working in…


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What You Need to Know about Improving Visuals for Social Media Marketing

If done right, visual content can pay off remarkably well in social media marketing. While most businesses do not have the resources to go all out on social media, there’s low-hanging fruit that just about any web marketer can grab no matter how small your marketing budget. You can start by improving the visuals that you are using for your social media marketing campaigns.


Consider implementing the following strategies:


  1. Always…

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On The Dandelion’s Tale By Kevin Sheehan

The Dandelion’s Tale, by Kevin Sheehan and illustrated by Robert Dunlavey is a children’s book that touches on some very grand concepts. It is quite a simple story of course, as any children’s book should be, but it carries within it many great messages. The book begins with a cute, brown sparrow spotting a dandelion among some long grass. The dandelion is nearing the end of its life and only has ten or so little white hairs left. This old…


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Professional bios – How to write them successfully

Following school or university, a professional bio is the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write. As first impressions are very important, a professional bio is able to introduce who you are as a professional when you’re looking for that first job.

Though bios are normally used on professional platforms, you can also send them to journalists when pitching stories.

An online bio needs to showcase any professional or even personal achievements and reflects your career…


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Kevin Sheehan, Before ‘Kevin And Cooley’

Kevin Sheehan, known especially for his work on the “Kevin and Cooley” show, has just recently left Team 980. This has left a whole lot of Redskins fans a bit disappointed and many of them are dearly missing the charismatic radio host. Virtually no details have been shared, from Kevin or Team 980 themselves, but after a short period of Sheehan and Cooley being absent from the morning sportscasts, Kevin finally did post a small tweet saying…


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Flipped Learning Is Reshaping Education

Education is seen as the conventional way of transmitting knowledge and transforming the knowledge into desired skills which are indeed being used in earning a livelihood, financial benefits and much more. From childhood itself, children are exposed to classrooms and are asked to follow the curriculum of the academy. These days, with the introduction of modern technology in education, the traditional way of learning has changed. The new way such as flipped learning in which the idea of…


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Forex trading: Ways to Predict Currency Exchange Rates for Study

Supply and demand are two fundamental elements for correctly interpreting currency trends. A currency that has weak demand and high supply will likely lose value, while a currency that has high demand and low supply will continue to appreciate.

Unfortunately, however, a complication arises for the fact that while goods are bought and sold as a single item, in currency transactions, currencies must be bought or sold against another currency, and investors must, therefore, consider two…


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Things You Need to Know about Any Term Paper Writing Service

As soon as you get over the admission process at the university, your tough times start. You have to face several challenges. University is not just about studying and giving tests or exams at end of every year. Things are a bit different over here. First of all, a single term comprises 6 months, and every term, there are several tests, presentations, assignments. A term paper is required to pass that term. Students are clear about every other thing except for term papers. And without…


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Facts That Nobody Told You About Google Ranking Tips

Here in this blog, we will be discussing about top Google ranking tips to enhance your online presence.

  1. Relevant Content

Quality web content is the number one driver of your internet search engine positions and also there is no alternative to a terrific material. Quality content produced specifically for your intended…


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Top 3 Mistakes of First Time Self Publishers

By Aniket Singh (Author of Intern Abroad This Summer)


Self-publishing can be hard and confusing to first time authors . But in my opinion and experience, it is immensely rewarding. I loved the fact that something that I thought about is now in the hands of students around the world. Suddenly from being a nerd/geek woking for Apple , now I am a published author whom students reach about to for their questions and with their…


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How Education Helps Prevent Extremism

Although many believe that terrorism started on September 11, 2001, terrorism has been around for centuries, although the scale was smaller then. But from that day forward, life and the world as we know it was changed forever. Since that day, there have been over 20,000 deadly terror attacks killing millions of people, more than 47,000 bombings, 14,000 assassinations, and 5,300 kidnappings.


Today, there are 256 international terrorists…


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Reasons behind writing services getting popular with every crossing day

Writing services are getting popular day by day. Students are more willing to pay for their school/university essays rather than writing them themselves. This may be due to the strict rules enforced at educational institutions these days. Some institutions are so strict that they lower your grade or reduce your marks if you submit the task after the due date, and which student will want that? But the question that arises at…


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What to Expect Taking Flying Lessons to Become a Pilot

In this post, we aim to discuss precisely what is associated with flying lessons for the benefit of people who wish to become a pilot. Flying is enjoyable, but mistakes are severely penalised as with all professions that are considered high risks. Errors in aviation happened from lack of knowledge in the early days.


Getting started with flying lessons


To minimise the risk and allowing for knowledge and skills in flying to be handed down, one can take flying…


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Fixed Wireless NBN Education - Is it the Right Internet Plan for You?

Individuals taking a look at changing to fixed wireless NBN strategies are often confronted with the problem of choosing the very best prepare for their requirements.


In this article, we will identify the significant selling factors that make wireless NBN a worthwhile option!




Latency issues will hardly ever be a concern for those who want to obtain NBN fixed wireless at home. Lag problems are irritating for Internet…


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Web Design Tips: Planning for Success

Redesigning a website might seem to be a sensible move, but it can be a risky one too. You do not want an obsolete website but having a newly designed website that will make you lose money is not ideal either.


You always need to have a clear goal in website redesign, and here are some of the things you have to answer first.


Why do you need it?


People often have three reasons why they want to redesign a website. It could be to…


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Website for e-learning

Online learning is gaining popularity tremendously with each day. A majority of people are opting for it because it’s cheaper and it takes a short duration compared to the traditional learning.

There’re several websites which offer e-learning, but your choice will depend on what you want to learn and so web designer Sydney summarized them as follows;

  1. Udacity

This is one of the most popular…


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Rocketship Education Focuses on the Needs of the Children

Unfortunately, American schools are fighting what is known as an achievement gap. Kids from affluent areas almost always do better than those from low-income areas. Perhaps this is a natural consequence of the way schools are funded: property taxes and test scores. A low-income school does not have the financial resources to give these young children the help they need, which results in low test scores, and then lower funding, perpetuating the cycle.


However, some parents are…


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