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10 Technologies You'll See In The Classroom of the Future

What will future classrooms look like? There are many technologies such as Augmented Reality, 3D printing, and cloud computing that will soon find their way into our classrooms. It is expected that technologies will help to simplify the learning process for the children of the future. However, nobody is sure how these technologies will…


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7 Shocking Facts About Working in Education

Every job opportunity in the education sector is demanding as well as fulfilling. The opportunities vary from human resources, teaching and training to finance. All the possibilities are aimed at preserving the integrity of any given training academic institution along with maintaining the wellbeing of any educational sector. The…


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5 Things You Didn't Know About Drugs on Campus

In 2014, there were more than 20 million people enrolled in colleges and universities in the United States. That same year, calculations found that just short of one-third of American citizens held bachelor's degrees, with …


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Abstinence vs. Sex Ed: Where Should the Focus Be in High School Health Classes?

Health classes are mandatory for most high school students. One of the major components of these classes is sexual health. It’s become increasingly difficult to find a curriculum that everyone can agree with, though, because there’s a political divide about what should be taught.



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Pro's and Con's of On-Campus Fitness Centers

Including a fitness center on campus might at first sound like a wonderful idea and a considerate commodity to help enrich the campus life of students. While it's often necessary to include resources for students to make their lives easier, such as on-site laundry facilities and areas to eat and study, a fitness center on campus may lead…


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5 Careers Our Schools Should Be Training Us For

Learning is something every organism engages in. While simple organisms don't learn in the same way humans take in information, they do modify themselves over time to adapt to environmental and situational conditions. Primates, on the other hand -- ranging from chimpanzees to humans -- acquire new skills and behaviors,…


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Is the Modern Education System Causing the Overmedication of Children?


We have all heard the debate over whether American students in grades K-12 are being overmedicated, and those who work in schools likely know a student who takes multiple medications. Sometimes, these medications are helpful for the child, but other times, it seems as though a child is just being medicated into quiet subservience. So, what is actually going on? Is the current education system in the U.S.…


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Should We Mandate Financial Education for High Schoolers?

Financial management is a common challenge for many adults, and the reality is that most adults never receive formal education in school about any money-related topics. This includes everything from how to balance a checkbook and how investments work to what a loan is and how to reduce your tax burden. Educators are not tasked with the…


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5 New Innovations in Digital Age Education

It is undeniable that education has evolved over time. Teaching practices and the way students acquire information has changed over time. The incorporation of technology in schools has changed how teachers gather, analyze, and present information. Technology makes it easier to differentiate…


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