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Dyslexia - Part 2 - orthographically inconsistent language

Bahasa Malaysia

Let's take a look at Malaysia's national language (Malay) which all students in

Malaysia have to learn.

The only letter that represents more than one sound in Bahasa Malaysia is the

letter ‘e’. It can be pronounced ‘er’ or ‘ay’.

You pronounce “besok” as if it is “bay-sok” (meaning tomorrow) and “beruk” with

the “er”…


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Dyslexia - A new perspective

Teaching Dyslexic Children the English Language.

My name is Luqman Michel. I am a retiree. I have been successfully teaching dyslexic children for more than 5 years. I would like to share with all of you my

findings and would be happy to receive your comments and views.…


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