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Innovators of America!

Explain the message of this board and what is its' message to American innovation? Also, discuss your innovation you created in modular lab and what purpose will it serve?

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Assessment Survey

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What would you do?

You and your companions have just survived a crash in a small plane. Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the crash. It is mid-January, and you are in Northern Canada. The daily temperature is 25 below zero, and the night time temperature is 40 below zero. There is snow on the ground, and the countryside is wooded with several creeks, criss-crossing the area. The nearest town is 20 miles away. You are all dressed in city clothes appropriate for a business meeting. Your group of survivors… Continue

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Google Sketch Up Project


How has Google Sketch Up broaden your world in the area of creativity, application and knowledge? How could you use this application in your 'other' classrooms? What projects could you create? Could this tool be used in a possible career?

At least 5 sentences!

Mr. Quinlan

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Dear Students,

Today's lesson takes us back in history as we witness and experience what British Prime Minister during World War Two, Winston Churchill's was quoted during a difficult time in world history,"Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.", and we will find that the events of the past will have an everlasting effect our lives today.

In the fall of 1918 a global disaster struck known as the most devastating epidemic in world history. This disease 'pandemic', known as the… Continue

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A Learning Revolution Project

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