It seems that too many schools are behind in setting examples for eating habits, still serving food out of deep fryers and snack machines.There is a great "novel" idea suggested in This article: stop putting junk food in middle school vending machines and kids will stop eating junk food. Actually, it seems to have an effect beyond school, as their studies show eating habits improving at home too.
Maybe there could be some kind of school program where there are rewards for healthy eating habits, maybe free tickets to school sport events. A cousin of mine is a teacher in Ohio, and her school has been trying to set up programs with local Cincinnatti dining establishments to have healthier kids menus with a connection to the school. This could be an interesting model for small town communities which have a finite number of restaurants.

Does anyone else have healthy eating programs at their schools?

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Comment by Jeffrey Fuller on February 21, 2010 at 7:36pm
Of course, the development of good eating habits begin at home, but I can attest to the fact that our campus doesn't do much to promote good eating habits at school. We took away the soda machines, but still sell sugary sweet drinks in the cafeteria. We took out the junk-food snack machines, but still sell ice cream, candy bars, and cakes in the cafeteria. The only food available in the cafeteria is pizza (usually very dry and hard), fried chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, burritos, french fries, and then there's the fruit bowl by the cash register that most kids believe is there for looks. We're certainly not doing a good job promoting nutrition at our campus, but hey, I forgot about all those nutritional posters on the walls of the cafeteria promoting the consumption of healthier foods. Rather oxymoronic to say the least.

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