10 Effective Resources For Your Online Classroom

Using online classrooms is no longer a novelty. They obviously make teachers’ lives easier and also foster greater student engagement because of their interactive nature. In today’s digital culture, students not only enjoy working online, the mostly expect it to be part of their learning journey. There are plenty of great resources out there to enhance your online classroom. Here are the top ten in my opinion:

1. Edudemic

On this website teachers and students can learn many interesting things about education and technologies and the ways they intertwine. Information is divided into two sections, one called For Students and the other For Teachers. Students can read materials about online learning, social media, and different study tools. Teachers can find information about how to collaborate with students and colleagues, where to find inspiration, what’s trending now and many more helpful recommendations and solutions.

2. eLearning Industry

This resource also publishes new and relevant information about technologies that can be used school life. Teachers can find numerous options like workshops, webinars, conferences, and so on to keep their professional development on the leading edge of online learning trends. eLearning Industry is highly inspiring, so teachers will surely come across many ideas regarding new teaching techniques, up-to-date tools, and new ways to make studying more effective.

3. Smart Classroom Management

This one is all about how to organize your workflow in the classroom and achieve the desired result. Smart Classroom Management’s creators promise, “We’ll show you how to influence them (students) and inspire them and how to tap into their intrinsic motivation. We’ll show you how to make teaching more fun and less stressful. And most important, we’ll show you how to create the teaching experience you really want.” That sounds like a mission statement any teacher would support, doesn’t it?

4. Unplag

Unplag software is a great help for online and offline studying. While writing essays students may unknowingly make use web resources and information without properly citing it. Unfortunately, in the academic community this is considered plagiarism, and everyone knows what consequences students can face for being academically dishonest. Teachers can use Unplag to check if student works are 100% unique, and students in their turn can use Unplag too and run checks for accidental plagiarism before submitting their works.

5. Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk is an online training software with a suite of functions that can be of great assistance to your class work. You can enjoy online courses, build your own courses with various tasks, add media to the course (audio, video, files of different formats), share your courses, store all your important documents in the archive, create tests, design PowerPoint presentations and more.

6. Wikispaces

This is a collaborative environment created for educational needs. Students share one workspace, where they collaborate on individual or group tasks, discuss the workflow and share their experiences. Teachers supervise this process and track every student’s progress. What’s more, they have a wide range of assessment tools to evaluate submitted assignments.

7. livestream

This resource has recently gained in popularity. It’s a live video solution that is used for all kinds of different purposes, allowing people to see events taking place all over the world. There are two options available: showing and watching. Educators can make all kinds of interesting projects with the platform, including distance learning.

8. HippoCampus.org

This is an academic website for personalized learning that recommends all kinds of free materials that would be great for everyday use in the classroom (both online and offline) as well as to get ready for exams. HippoCampus.org was “designed as part of a worldwide effort to improve access to quality education for everyone.”

9. Dropbox

Dropbox is quite a popular tool used for safe storage and sharing of files, no matter how large. You will be able to have access to your files whenever needed and from any device. What’s more, your saved documents synchronize to the various devices you use. A good feature for educators is that together with students they can simultaneously work on the same project in real time.

10. MindMup

This tool is designed for developing and visualizing ideas using the mind mapping method. MindMup allows multi-user access, so students and teachers can collaborate while brainstorming ideas together. Sharing and publishing functions are also available here for better convenience.

As you can see, there are lots of great tools out there to boost your online classroom to the next level – all you have to do is start using them to figure out which ones will be the right ones to use in your classroom.

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About the Author:

Michael is a former school teacher, currently working as an ESL tutor. He believes that “positive knowing” is much better than positive thinking, and enjoys assisting children in reaching their dreams. When he is not teaching, he protects wild and homeless animals. Connect with Michael via Twitter and Linkedin.

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