12 Flipped Classroom Tools for Teachers and Students

The term known as a ‘Flipped Classroom’ is defined as a:

“Pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.”

Opposed to traditional teaching techniques, Flipped Classroom promotes an active way or learning by encouraging students to participate in the teaching process instead of being just passive listeners.

The concept has become increasingly popular and has been adopted by many eminent educational institutions.

In this article, our aim will be to demonstrate some of the best tool for teachers and students using Flipped Classroom as an educational method.

Internet as a Part of Flipped Classroom

Internet has become the part of education and it gives teachers and students a valuable set of tools to use in Flipped Classroom. Here are some of them.

Wikispaces: Easy and Fun

There are free, relatively easy to use and give students a chance to freely express themselves. They are accessible and available to everyone on the internet. A wide range of features available ensures that you get access to quality service.

Dropbox: Free and Let’s You Easily Classify Data for Each Student

On Dropbox , files can be shared from anywhere and your files are available to others. It can be used to share links, pictures, videos and other content.

Teaching Channel: Great Content for Teachers and Students

Teaching Channel is built specifically for educational needs. Students can be encouraged to do their own research and analyze the content by following clear examples. Teaching Channel is definitively a powerful educational tool and it is already prominent as a Flipped Classroom tool.

Interactive Tools for Flipped Classroom

A variety of interactive tools which are there to keep students focused on content and provide the teachers with all they need to convey knowledge in a fun and accessible way.

Tiny Tap: Smart Way to Create Lessons

Tiny Tap is an awesome tool to create lessons, quizzes and games. They are fun for students, specifically for lower grade children. Tiny Tap is a handy way of introducing children to educational content with its interactive content. It can also be used by parents and it is free.

Educreations Brings Educational Content Even Closer to Students

One of the most advantageous features of Educreations is that it turns your search browser into an interactive whiteboard. It is designed to work best on iPad devices which are then easily used by students to learn content they choose. There is also an option to post your videos on Educreations and share them on all popular Social media.

Custom Writing Service: Essay Writing Company for Students

There are many online writing service companies out there. What makes Pro Custom Writing stand out is that it is specifically designed according to the needs of students. It offers a professional, plagiarism free essay writing service at affordable cost. This can help students achieve their educational goals and help them improve their grades.

Office Mix: Create and Share Online Videos

Office Mix is a free add-in for Power Point. It comes extremely handy in creating videos and slides as lessons for students.

Tegrity: Capture and See Lectures

Tegrity can be an essential Flipped Classroom tool. Tegrity is a used to keep a record of class time and content, and even more importantly, if enables students to watch lessons as live streaming or review them later.

It is very valuable for students, especially the ones who are prevented from attending class, as it enables them to keep up with their student material.

Tegrity can also be used on smartphones.

Google Docs

Another essential tool to be used in Flipped Classroom teaching. Google Docs lets you share and discuss, but unlike many other word processing programs, it uses real-time updates. This can be easily used in a Flipped Classroom as a mean of sharing content between teacher and students.

Google Docs is already widely used for educational purposes, hence it is inevitable tool to have for interactive learning.

The Flipped Learning Network: A Must Have Tool for Teachers

Sharing knowledge and experience between teachers is of great importance for improving the quality of education and introducing fresh ideas and new education techniques.

The Flipped Learning Network functions as a Social media created expressly created to accommodate the needs of teachers by giving them a place to share their experiences and discuss with their peers.

A must have for teachers using Flipped Classroom as a pedagogical approach.

Explain Everything: An Interactive Whiteboard

Teaching has never been so enjoyable to students. Explain Everything provides a variety of features and lets you:

“Animate, record, annotate, collaborate, and explore ideas, knowledge and understanding. Explain Everything provides teachers and students an opportunity to share thinking, reflect upon knowledge building, and assess both products and processes of learning.”

StudyStack: Stay Connected and Learn

StudyStack connects students and teachers with its unique ‘flashcards’. By clicking on a specific flashcard, it provides you with multiple ways to discover information you need. It is good for students to memorize complex data, and it also helps teachers quickly access the information they need.

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