[2018 New] H13-511-ENU HCNA-Cloud Certification Exam Dumps

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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
From the view of business perspective, what kind of following things are similar to cloud computing ? 
A. information power plant 
B. Information gas station 
C. reservoir 
D. water pipe 
Answer: A

What stages does the evolution of cloud computing have? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. parallel computing 
B. distributed computing 
C. serial computing 
D. cloud computing 
Answer: A B D

Based on Protocol division of VLAN, as long as the network protocol of access the client is the same. 
Answer: A

The second layer of the OSI reference model is the data link layer . 
Answer: A

Which of the following age has IT infrastructure experienced ? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. Distributed Computing 
B. mainframe era 
C. PC era 
D. cloud computing era 
Answer: B C D

What types does VLAN port include ? 
(Select 3 Answers) 
Answer: A B C

What is the core technology of cloud computing ? 
A. Virtualization 
B. High performance hardware 
C. Data center management and control software 
D. Integration Consulting and Delivery 
Answer: A

VLAN broadcast domain can not span physical switches . 
Answer: B

A department office staff use the laptop computer, but the working place often changes, which way is used suitable to configure VLAN ? 
A. based on port division of VLAN 
B. based on protocol division of VLAN 
C. based on subnet division of VLAN 
D. based on MAC address division of VLAN 
Answer: D

What are the problems of traditional desktop application ? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. large energy consumption 
B. high maintenance costs 
C. PC replacement cost is high 
D. low performance 
Answer: A B C

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