3 mistakes that are worth doing in your career

Do you learn from the mistakes of others? So advise to all the books on the efficiency, but in practice, it is very difficult. Climbing the career ladder, it is best to learn from our mistakes, only to make them better once.
At least, that's what happened to me while I was doing the career. I had some major setbacks, but with each of them, I have gained valuable experience. And if I was told or I read these stories, then the effect would not have been, and I probably would not have made the correct conclusions. In addition, each of my error was serious enough - and I did not repeat them. Career is not as simple as assignment help reviews or reading books at home, each mistake can cost you too much. 

Therefore, if you are going to make mistakes in their professional life, I can advise you to do these three, but only once.
Error №1: Too much promise, and disability to cope
If you are just starting to build a career or are still in the middle of the road, you probably want to impress your boss, clients, and colleagues and to prove their worth.
It is in this situation, I was a few years ago as a manager in a small cleaning company, which has just entered the market. We were asked by a major law firm and asked to calculate the cost of services. When I was in the office of the company in order to estimate, we immediately realized that our small and inexperienced teamwork hardly cope. The office was huge.
But I wanted so much to please everyone. And the chief of concluding a solid new contract, and the potential customer, who also promised to recommend us to all the familiar companies. So I wanted at all costs to keep the client and cheerfully told what meticulous, reliable and accurate employees in our company. I, of course, greatly exaggerated.
Already after a couple of weeks at the law firm realized that we do not reach their level and do not cope with the work. Our cleaners every night spending too much time in the office (and therefore, we suffered losses), in addition, customers complained about the poor quality of cleaning: dusty shelves, lack of toilet paper.
Of course, we lost a client.
But it was a good lesson for the future: more such mistakes I did not commit. That experience taught me to realistically assess their capabilities and not to promise too much nor customers nor leadership.
Error №2:Go to the interview without the necessary preparation

About a year ago I tried to get a position in another department of the company. I went through the first two interviews, and the critical interview was carried out vice-president of the company. A member of the personnel department, with whom I spoke, nothing special about this meeting did say, so I decided that this is only a formality, rather than real, the official interview. As a result, I found myself completely to him is not ready.
Vice-President began to shower me with questions that required training. "What do you think makes your nominee suitable for this position? - He began. - What opportunities are missing this department, doing the new program? What mistakes from your point of view, allowed our team to work on the latest project? "
I silently (and in a terrible confusion) looked at the boss, trying to find a more or less appropriate response.
Since I am no information is collected and did not ask any intelligent questions during previous interviews, I had no idea how to respond.
Believe me, there is nothing to teach you how to prepare for job interviews are better than the similar story. I was very uncomfortable in that situation (and, of course, did not get a place), but that's how I was able to understand how to prepare for job interviews. Since then I have never relaxed before a business meeting, for me, every interview - an important event, regardless of how informal it may seem.

Error №3: frightened and do not use their chance

All of us are sometimes willing to forgo new projects and interesting work under the pretext that is already overwhelmed with cases. But sometimes, before you say "no", you should consider. Did you give up the job only because they do not believe in their abilities and are afraid of failure?
Several months ago, my company offered me a guide to lead the department and take on a new project.
Frankly, I was horrified. I was very comfortable with the current position, and I was not sure that I can succeed in his new capacity. In general, I decided that it was safer to stay in my position and not to change anything.

Only after I declined the offer, I realized what an opportunity missed. I had a chance to climb the ladder and do it quickly, proving the company's top managers, that I can become a leader.
But I lost that chance because of their own cowardice.
Make the same nonsense as I - and I promise you, you will never make such a mistake. Of course, in the future you will be able to refuse job offers, but only when they go against your wishes (and this is normal). But you will not give up interesting proposals out of fear and self-doubt.
Are you in an awkward position Put professional mistakes? Yes. But whether they are valuable tools to help you grow professionally, to gain confidence and build a career? Undoubtedly. Therefore it is better not to believe me - make the mistake (gently, of course), and learn from their experiences.

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