4 Options To Study Abroad In High School

Are you thinking of studying abroad? Perhaps you’re worried that you might fail to graduate with your peers. You should know these 4 options to study abroad in high school. This is possible without hindering your chance to graduate at the end of your senior year. Studying abroad comes with various benefits including enhancing on your resume, learning new culture, and new language. Here’re the options to consider.

Take a gap year

This requires taking a year off after finishing high school before joining university to pursue other interests. You can find a reputable agency offering organized programs for the gap year. These might include volunteer work, travel, language studies, pre-college prep courses, and outdoor adventures. Taking a gap year opens up opportunities for you to pursue other interests or develop new skills. This is possible without need to worry about staying on track with academic requirements.

Student exchange program

Another option to study high school abroad is through a student exchange program. This is where you’ll have to go in a foreign country and spend time with locals. You will have to check with your school guidance department for ideas on the classes and transferable credits. For countries where English is not a native language, you’ll have meeting English language and literature requirements. Luckily, most international schools abroad offer a transferable IB curriculum to meet your study program at home.

Summer programs

It’s also possible to study abroad through high school summer travel programs. You can take this trip independently after preparation by a reputable agency. Studying abroad comes with various benefits including chance to experience new culture and a chance to do the things you’ve always wanted. You can also use this trip to build your resume, which will come in handy during job applications.

School organized trips

You can also take advantage of routine short-term trips. These usually focus on new language development, special topics related to school curriculum, and cultural immersion. Subject teachers usually organize these trips with assistance from a reputable program provider. It’s a wonderful chance to study in a foreign country.

Foreign school trips might last for about a weekend or for two weeks. These are usually held annually but it depends on the school. It’s usually students taking language classes that go on these foreign trips. However, students in other classes such as history, art, music, English literature can benefit immensely from these trips.

Homeschooling abroad

For parents working abroad, it’s possible to take your kid with you to a foreign country. However, you should homeschool the child to remain at par with studies in traditional class. This will require taking your child through regular classroom drills at home. So, be prepared to help your child keep the pace with fellow students back home.

Final thought

Studying abroad comes with immense benefits to high school students. However, you must weigh the options above to choose one most appropriate to your condition. Additionally, ensure to seek guidance from professionals you can guide you on the best option to consider for high school study abroad.

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