4 Reasons to Employ GPS School Bus Tracking System

Sending off their kids in the school bus can be a scary thing for parents. After all, they have no idea if the kid has reached school safely. This concern will be there till the child returns home in the evening. But if the school bus is a little late, parents’ mind will start racing. Their concern is not entirely misplaced either. Approximately 17,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms on an average per year because of school bus related issues (Source: ABC News).

However, this is not a resolvable issue. Employing a vehicle tracking system to track school buses is an effective solution. The concept of School Bus Tracking is quite simple. It provides real-time updates to parents and school authorities about the students’ location using RFID tags and GPS. Considering its simplicity and utility, this vehicle tracking system is a boon for school authorities as well as parents. Let’s take a look at its advantages.

1.Addresses Safety Concerns

The primary concern for every parent is their child’s safety. With a  vehicle tracking system school authorities as well as parents get real-time information on each student’s location. “He didn’t get on the bus?” “He got on the wrong bus?” All such questions become irrelevant. Notifications are sent for unscheduled stops, and the real time location can be checked from the system’s mobile application; thus quickly finding solutions during emergency situations.

2.Makes Managing Simple

The RFID school bus tracking system is convenient for school authorities.The software takes care of routing and scheduling automatically. School authorities only need to review it and make changes for exceptional cases. It saves the time and energy needed for re-routing and re-scheduling whenever something goes wrong.

3.Improves Efficiency & Savings

Manual routing and scheduling can cause errors which might incur significant monetary losses. For instance you might need to run an extra bus just because of a miscalculation. Such discrepancies can be avoided if you have an RFID vehicle management system in place. Employing such a system allows you to be aware of the distance covered and fuel burned by each vehicle. Therefore it will be easier to streamline payrolls for drivers and vehicle service providers.

Also, the school authorities get to know how efficiently the buses are being run, if there is unnecessary idling and if the speed limits are being observed. These help in significant savings for the school over a period of time.

4.Acts as a Solid Record

By having a GPS vehicle tracking system, a school will be able to monitor and store the activity of each vehicle. Combined with the RFID tags, it can be really useful in tracking children if they go missing. The database can also act as evidence when and if accidents happen.

So technology has finally found a way to ease parents’ tension. It’s time for schools to embrace it and make parents feel a lot safer. The popularity of Vehicle Tracking System in Dubai in particular is on the rise.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the School Bus Tracking System would be effective, and would you have any concerns? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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