4 Reasons You Should Consider University Education

Graduating from high school is something every person always dreams of- not just it is an achievement, but due to the lots of freedom it brings to someone’s life. Imagine no more 6 am alarm clock, no more school, no more homework and no more hall passes.

According to American National Opinion research survey conducted back in 208, 58% of university graduates are said to be satisfied with their jobs compared to the 50% of high school graduates and a further 40% of the high school diploma graduates. Here are four reasons why one should consider university education.

1. Higher Salaries

According to recent research, the yearly income of an individual with a higher school diploma is approximately $35,400 compared to $ 44,800 of a two year degree associate and a $56,000 of a four year degree holder. By even considering the student loan repayment, people with two and four year degrees tend to earn much higher compared to individuals with higher school diplomas.

2. Career Preparation

According to a recent article about university education for students, there are young individuals who are known to have a solid idea on the type of career they would like to have when they grow up. For such individuals, university education will help serve as a great means for getting the right skills, proper training and knowledge required to enter their preferred profession. This is one of the main reasons why most students seek university education. There are people who do not know what they want to do and that is still okay with them. In fact majority of universities encourage new students not to select their areas of focus until after their first years. Hence, in case you are not sure of the type of profession you are interested in; ensure you remain mindful that the university academic environments will offer you with the best place where you can explore lots of the available career options before making a choice.

3. Healthier and Happier Lives

One of the main benefits associated with university education is that it is capable of improving an individual’s life and ensures the society runs smoothly. University graduates are known to live longer, happier, fuller and are more knowledgeable. Recent survey by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reveals that most of the educated people are more involved in lots of societal activities such as volunteering, voting, interpersonal trust and political interest.

Having knowledge in several fields will contribute to participating in such events and activities. The accumulated abilities and knowledge which have been attained for years learning at the university will make most people aware of what they are able to do. After spending lots of years learning, most of the university graduates tend to feel much happier and content as they live their education lives.

4. Stability and Economic Growth

According to most economists, university education is directly related to the growth of economy and stability. Nations thrive because their education systems thrive. In case a country is not growing economically, most economic researchers suggest a reform in the education sector to improve education levels since it will help strengthen the competitiveness of the national economy. Improving university education in the country will promote its economy and stability.

Education is not just a money making tool as most people take it. It can be good for our souls and hearts since it will help us figure out the type of life we want to live. Another top well being that will come with pursuing a university education is that one will always be able to receive lots of recognition and respect in the community. 

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