4 Signs To Identify A Genuine Degree Certificate

Many people have full time jobs but wish to upgrade their academic qualifications. Online study seems to be a wonderful idea rather than leaving work to visit a brick and mortar university. Well, online degrees are convenient and cost effective. However, great care is required to ensure your degree is legitimate and accredited. To avoid wasting your money, here are 4 signs to identify a genuine degree certificate.

Spelling mistakes in the certificate

On receiving your online degree, check to ensure that the degree certificate is free from spelling mistakes. With the variety of institutions purporting to offer online degree programs, some of them are not educated enough. These usually take advantage of clients from overseas with poor knowledge of English. Therefore, take time to check for such minor errors. It will be an embarrassing situation for potential employers to notice this anomaly. To check these spelling mistakes, consider getting a text version of the certificate or consult a friend to check your certificate.

Embossed or gold seal

A degree certificate from a reputable university comes with an embossed or gold seal. Some universities have multi-colored seals, gold foil embossing, or thermographic seal. Regardless of the nature of seal used, colleges and universities have stuck to this old tradition. Therefore, the seal is proof that your certificate comes from a reputed institution. It’s a sign of trouble if you receive the degree certificate but it lacks the seal.

Signature is real and digitally marked

The degree certificate should bear a signature of the university vice-chancellor. Look for a digitally printed signature. It’s an obvious sign that the certificate is not genuine. If you get a degree certificate for any of the accredited online courses in UK, it should come with a real sign and university badge. Reputed universities have a faculty member responsible for putting a personal signature in ink on the graduates’ certificates. You will easily tell your degree is genuine.

Bearing a watermark when seen in sharp light

Lastly, another way to check whether your degree certificate is genuine is to check for a watermark or hologram under sharp light. This is a very important feature to check for authenticity of your certificate. Certificates from dubious institutions lack this feature to give their certificates a genuine look. A genuine degree certificate has a visible watermark when seen in sharp light. Whenever you see this reflection, there’s no need to worry about the authenticity of your degree.

Bottom line

Getting higher education is a wonderful idea to get a pay rise or promotion to your dream job. It also comes in handy when seeking employment elsewhere. Luckily, you can get a degree online but mind where you expect to get the degree from. Make sure that the institution issues accredited degrees that meet the standards of those got from brick and mortar universities. Additionally, the tips above will come in handy to confirm that your degree is authentic.

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