4 Ways Higher Education Marketing Will Change in 10 Years

The world is changing all the time. Expectations people have are growing, and to be successful we have to meet these expectations.

Higher educational establishments are no exception. They have to meet the requirements of the potential students if they want to make their name known and recognized. Otherwise, they will disappear due to immense informational noise on the market.

To illustrate what we mean here, we will offer you this piece of statistical data offered by My Loud Speaker Marketing: “The plurality (39%) said “Level of debt…to pay for the degree” was their biggest concern of future students – up 4% from the 35% that chose that same answer in 2014. This was also the biggest concern among the plurality in 2013.”

Obtaining a degree is an expensive pleasure. Not everyone agrees on going into debt to get it. And those students that go for it are very careful with what educational establishment they choose. As a result, educational establishments have to change their self-presentation and adopt new marketing strategies that will strengthen their recognition and attract new students. And this is only one example you have to bear in mind.

The thing is that marketing strategies schools use these days will no longer be topical in ten years. For once, My Loud Speaker Marketing reports that “Sixty percent of marketing officials who responded to the survey said they to increase awareness of their institution, while 38 percent reported that the goal was to meet enrollment benchmarks.”

It might be working today but it won’t reap any results by 2027. So, how exactly, we believe, higher education has to change within the next ten years to bring in desirable results?

We have gathered four different ways it will have to change in the nearest ten years. Read on to find out!

Seven ways how higher education marketing has to change by 2027

  • Implementing Big Data.

Promotion of higher education requires the analysis of immense volumes of information. And That is why educational establishments must start using Big Data for more effective promotion and improved results.

Thus, new analytics tools come into being to help educators analyze and optimize their advertising efforts. They are simply irreplaceable in this niche. So, we are waiting to see more of such tools in higher education marketing strategies.

  1. Become available on mobile devices.

When marketing an institution, people will have to focus more on the mobile devices users. Thus, eLogic Learning states that 67% of people use mobile devices to access education.

Besides, they inform that “The eLearning market is predicted to be a $37.6 billion market by 2020.”

Therefore, to stay up-to-date and keep up with the latest development on the market, colleges and universities will have to offer mobile education and promote this type of education via available means.

  1. More inbound marketing strategies.

Most higher education establishments today are focused on outbound marketing (if they are marketing their institution at all).

They send messages out instead of creating content that draws more qualified traffic to their website.

Within the next ten years, higher education marketers have to switch their focus to this type of marketing in order to offer their unique selling proposition to a specific group of students. With this approach, the conversion rates will significantly grow. Besides, this approach is much cheaper than the existing outbound marketing. So, it is even more beneficial to colleges!

  1. Offer real video stories.

The video is a very powerful tool colleges should use to attract more students. Marketers can use it in their attempt to strengthen the brand awareness and draw more targeted students to the educational establishment.

A real person addressing students that only consider entering a particular college is that one thing that gives a face to the institution in question.

It is no longer distant or unknown.

Moreover, graduates might share their own worries and fears they had before entering it. This will help prospects correlate with the video and find answers to their questions.

Thanks to qualified essay writers for helping me write this article. Hope you like it!

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