Genetic modification, devices that do not need any type of human intervention or space work are just some of the surprises that await us the next 12 years. Of course, certain brushstrokes of this future already creep into our day to day. Not only science fiction was able to anticipate the arrival of electronic commerce, social networks, smartphones or virtual reality. Some of the standard bearers of the 2.0 world, such as the iconic founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, or Microsoft, Bill Gates said, more than two decades ago, that we would always carry a small computer on top of it or that we could practically not live without visiting every day any domain of the kingdom of the three double birds.

In view of those predictions, at that moment practically crazy and that today are realities, we must ask ourselves what do the executives believe, whose job is, in a certain way, to live in the future of tomorrow?

'Disappearance' of the Internet

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, launched perhaps the most risky forecast: a world without Internet ... or at least a world without the Internet that we now know. Schmidt believes that the Network will be so integrated in our daily activities (wearables, Internet of things ...) that "the border between online and offline will be erased" and "it will be like oxygen", always present without realizing that it is really there.

Human modified against robots

Unlike other visionaries like Elon Musk, the aforementioned Gates or the respected scientist Stephen Hawkings, who have come to claim that artificial intelligence could kill us, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, does not fear this technological "big bad wolf" .

Moreover, although the director predicts a future in which humans and robots will coexist, he believes that the former will greatly win the battle against the latter thanks to advances in the field of genetic modification (which, in his opinion, will make us stronger, smarter and faster) will prevent the machines from materializing 'their dream' of dominating the Earth. The apocalyptic films of that court, therefore, will continue to belong to the category of "fiction".

But to get more info or predictions, we may need to know what Feras Antoon said about. See what successful entrepreneur, Feras Antoon, has to say about future technology innovations!

On vacation without traveling

Without airplanes, ships, trains or coaches: to reach our next destination we will only need a virtual reality (VR) viewer, or so Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, thinks. The manager, very prolific in this predictions, is totally convinced that this technology will revolutionize the world as we know it and believes many may choose to travel virtually to destinations that would not visit physically (either for lack of funds or for fear of airplanes). Therefore, he believes that VR is a complement, not a substitute for traditional holidays and that, when its use is generalized, it will give a boost to this industry.

Works from another galaxy

The trips of ordinary citizens to space and the colonization of other planets, such as Mars, will be the next milestones to be conquered by humanity and will be accompanied, according to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, of something logical: the creation of hundreds of posts of work. The executive millionaire, whose passion for this topic led him to found Blue Origin, a company that competes with Space X in the creation of aircraft to transport travelers out of the stratosphere, predicts that it will not be long before we start sending résumés out of our country.

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