5 Job Opportunities When You Have A Philosophy Degree

Are you considering a getting a university degree? Perhaps you should consider a degree in philosophy. This is a wonderful idea especially when you’re fascinated by musing over good life and finding meaning in a led godly life. Luckily, after getting your degree, you won’t have to struggle with finding employment. Most employers will look forward to having a professional philosopher on their team. Here are 5 job opportunities when you have a philosophy degree.

Business and finance

This is a popular career choice employing about 18.1 percent of philosophers. Philosophers are good at hard logic making them excel at maths. Handling finance regards handling numbers and profit making. A successful business requires someone good at analyzing and paying attention to detail. This comes handy when reading too much paperwork. Professional philosophers have deductive minds suitable in a corporate setting making them more competent in the business and finance profession.


Philosophy requires analyzing complex arguments and mastering the written word. The practice requires offering original solutions to complex questions. This is the essence of creative writing making journalism a realistic career for philosophy degree holders. Journalists have a factual foundation for offering in-depth analysis and opinion. This lifeblood of philosophers makes them an excellent journalist.


The law profession requires reasoning and arguing making it a natural calling for holders of philosophy degrees. It’s no wonder that philosophy graduates are easily accepted into a law course. Studying philosophy gives one a better understanding of justice a key skill for law practitioners. Philosophy graduates have theoretical ground regarding reasoning after gaining a practical understanding of British law. Opt for a philosophy degree when selecting from a range of online university degrees in UK. It’s an opportunity to apply philosophical theory to the real world.


With a university degree, everyone can get into politics. Activists and local government advocates need a professional understanding of human rights and justice. These are essential skills for philosophy graduates. Great politicians are excellent at debating and it’s no wonder that philosophy graduates can win any argument. Politics is more than power and competition. Most importantly, it’s a rewarding career to enhance society. Rational and objective viewpoints of politicians promote a flourishing and stable community.

Marketing and sales

This is another popular career choice for philosophy degree holders employing about 12 percent of graduates. Good sellers are good at arguing necessarily for jobs such as adverting that requires a creative mind. Philosophy students think outside the box with a unique angle to the topic. With your degree, companies will look up to your skill to outline their company philosophy. This will significantly see a boost in sales with an eventual positive impact on the company bottom line.

In summary

A philosophy degree can take you places. There’re various careers welcome to holders of a philosophy degree. The degree gives you deductive reasoning and capacity to become more creative. This artistic mind will open more doors in the employment world. With those career choices, now is the time to buy your philosophy degree online without spending much time and money attending regular college.

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