People believe that in order to become great at learning, you need patience, focus and discipline of steel. Although these three are all quite accurate, this is not nearly as difficult to achieve as it may at first appear. Sure, there is nothing more arduous than just sitting down in your chair and going through thousands of pages of bland text in order to acquire knowledge, but then again, no one expects you to do things this way. Here are five techniques that are bound to raise your learning abilities to the next level.

Test Simulation

When you need to prepare for a test, there is nothing quite like the real thing. After going through the subject material once or twice, compose or download a test from the internet and try to solve it. In order to make things more efficient, try to make conditions which faithfully represent those from the actual test. This means arranging your desk, turning on the stopwatch and behaving accordingly. Next time you start learning again, you will start seeing patterns in the text that will make your future testing attempts much more successful. Unfortunately, this has one significant downside. Although it prepares you for, let’s say written test it won’t prepare you adequately for an oral examination.

Opt for versatility

using just one learning approach is never a good option. It is important to strive and find different ways of expanding your technique and learning abilities. When it comes to language learning opting for quality school is imperative in addition to doing the work at home. So attending renowned Monkey Tree ESL courses in addition to doing work at home can significantly speed up your language learning and bring you desired results. The key is finding the ideal approach that will bring out the best in you and help you achieve academic success.

Use Other Senses

Another great approach to this is so-called classical conditioning or using other senses to acquire knowledge with greater success. You see, it is in human nature to make associations between seemingly unrelated things and this is something you can turn to your advantage. For example, you could play some music or light a scented candle while studying and as soon as you hear that tune or sense that fragrance in the air you will start remembering things. Quite handy when you plan to make this knowledge last you a lifetime.


In a situation where you need to fully understand and know how to reproduce things you are learning a bit of role-playing can come along way. There is nothing wrong with imagining a scenario where you need to explain the matter at hands in front of the UN General Assembly or use it in your inauguration speech. This simple trick can keep things interesting and through immersion help you focus when going gets tough. Sure, not every topic fits this method, which means you will have to improvise a bit.

Mnemonic Devices

Finally, one of the oldest and most famous learning methods is the use of mnemonic devices. This usually means coming up with your own abbreviations, reminders, and associations of your own. Remember, this doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. Seeing how this technique is highly personal, it is extremely efficient and things learned this way are not something you are likely to forget anytime soon.


Learning is a not a talent, it is a skill. Like any other skill, it takes some time and dedication until it is properly perfected. The irony is that at times, it will seem as if you need to learn how to learn. Still, for those who manage to master at least one of the abovementioned techniques, learning will become much more fun activity.

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