5 Proven Ways To Enjoy Being An Exchange Student

Do you get excited at the opportunity to live in a foreign country? Well, there’s a chance for you to study abroad as a foreign exchange student. This comes with an opportunity to discover things you’ve never come across in your home country. The best thing is learning a new language and the amazing benefits the experience will have when applying for college. Living in a place that you have no idea about is exciting. Consider these 5 proven ways to enjoy being an exchange student.

Accept some people might not know English

When living as an exchange student, it’s important to understand that not everyone will be speaking English. If possible, take time to learn some basic phrases in the language of the place you’re planning to visit. Luckily, the students will most likely speak more English than you speak their language. You’re to enjoy the moment of speaking with people who understand you well. However, be aware of some moments where you might say things that people around you have no idea about.

Always smile and nod

Expect situations where you won’t have an idea about certain things. When with people you’re used to liking the host family, you can ask them to repeat or explain in plain language. However, when in a group of people, it’s impossible asking them to repeat all the time. The trick is to just smile and follow whatever everybody is doing. Do this without attracting too much attention to avoid feeling awkward. When you outrightly don’t know what to do, just smile and nod and everything will go.

Learn to live with your host family

It feels awkward getting into the space of your host family. However, with the time you will adjust accordingly and begin feeling comfortable. To make your life as a foreign exchange student easier and fun, acknowledge that some things are done differently. Therefore, you can’t do them the usual way. Ensure to learn all those little things that separate life from your home country and in the new country. This will ensure that you don’t clash regarding the way things are done.

Do what keeps you happy and motivated

Before boarding the plane, you’re likely to come across too much advice about an exchange program. This is likely to become overwhelming. Usually, the exchange company gives guidelines to follow but when out there it’s more important to enjoy the flow. Do those things that make you happy and motivated. That is what matters to ensure that you don’t get homesick.

Fortunately, you’ll have all means to stay in touch with family and friends back home. However, it’s not good to spend most of your time scrolling away on your smartphone. Take time to venture out and discover things you’ve been reading about. Handling your emotions appropriately will significantly enhance emotional maturity. Visiting the local attractions will keep you occupied while offering you ample time to think.

Say yes more than you say no

This is strongly recommended to ensure that you make the most of your experience. Don’t turn down invitations to tour the local attractions or take part in local social activities. Mingling with classmates or moving out more with the host family is a wonderful idea to make the most of your exchange experience. Ensure to experience as many things as you can to get wonderful memories, discover new things, and make new friends.

Bottom line

Becoming an exchange student comes with invaluable lifetime benefits. To ensure that you have a pleasant experience the idea above will come in handy.

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