5 Reasons Recruiters Around the World Trust Psychometric Testing

We’re now in an age where every business decision must be justified by substantial data, including every hiring decision made by leading recruitment managers. Psychometric tests bring an element of science to a field that was initially ruled just by gut feeling and the synergy between the employer and candidate. Today, more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies rely on psychometric tests to back their hiring decisions for a better future. We bring you the top 5 reasons why leading HR managers trust this testing method:

  1. Measurable Results
    People are often the most valuable asset of an organization. However, quantifying human behaviour and its effects on the business bottom line can be a highly challenging task. Pre-employment assessments allow organizations to measure the ROI related to the people they hire, thus making it a profit driving business function.

  2. It’s Way More Valuable than Gut Feeling
    While human instinct definitely motivates many decisions in business, a bad hire can cost a large amount of money to the company. The tests add a level of objectivity and standardization to the traditional hiring methods and results have shown a 24% better outcome when managers trust test results. Believe it or not, aptitude tests can actually predict an employee’s success in your company.

  3. It’s Easier to Analyse the Results
    Managers don’t need to have a psych degree to understand the results of a psychometric test. Today, many recruiters are looking to create online exam with beautiful design, easy to understand language and simple graphics. This helps recruiters make confident hiring decisions.

  4. It Enhances your Brand Value
    By incorporating a standard and objective hiring process, you can create a positive image about your company in prospective employees’ minds. Most candidates prefer a modern recruitment process and this enhances their satisfaction levels from the entire hiring method. Also, in psychometric tests, all candidates’ merit is equally judged, leaving no scope for any discrimination based on culture or linguistic backgrounds.

  5. It Shapes your HR Strategy
    When looking to create online exam for psychometric evaluation, recruiters can easily measure what works and doesn’t work in their business initiatives. By analysing the performance of individual employees, the tests can ultimately help organizations in understanding their workforce capability, increasing engagement and chalk out succession plans with more confidence.

Using psychometric tests in your recruitment process can positively impact your bottom lines and ensure employee success in your company.

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