5 Reasons to Go for Technology in Education



It is no more a secret that technology has already played a great role in the global education sector. So much so, that the schools are now using electronic devices in the classrooms to educate the learners. Almost 65% of the middle school children carry Smartphones to the classrooms. Also, for the high school learners, the range goes up to 80%. 52% of the middle school goers have a tablet and this number has doubled in a year!

Mobile devices have become quite popular in the learning institution and to say that it is the new generation’s way of learning is nothing wrong! The times have changed when our teachers simply used to thrash us if anyhow we were found with any kind of electronic devices, including calculators. Now, with the help of these BYODs (Bring Your Own Device), the educators are planning to make the learners get equipped with knowledge in a much better way.

  • BYODs lets the learner take care of their devices much more, hence they are focussed!

It is known fact that when the children will bring their own devices to the schools, they will take more care of it. At times, schools also provide them with the devices but learners might not take care of it well. Also, when they bring their own device to study they know the configuration of the same and hence, they are able to use it in a much better way. Also,  saves time as well as money!

  • With technology, students can now learn on their own!

In a school classroom consisting of around 50-60 learners, it is not possible for the educators to pay similar attention to each and everyone. Also, oftentimes the learners miss a class or two or they don’t pay attention to the subjects. But now, when they are able to learn on their electronic devices with the help of technology, that too at home, they learn in a much better manner.

  • Learners are becoming technology savvy!

It is good in a way that the learners are getting used to so much of technology at their schools itself. They are soon to get into the job market which will require candidates with good grab over technology. Hence, implementing tech in studies at the school level itself is a great way to make the kids associated with technology, in a fun way!

  • Learners are becoming self motivated

When the learners will become self sufficient by carrying on with their lessons on their electronic devices at anywhere they want to, they are no more dependent on their educators or schools. Hence, they remain motivated towards their lessons and since childhood, they learn to be self motivated and committed towards achieving their goals.

  • Technology helps in equity in the learners for education

No matter where the learner is located, with the help of technology, they can now go through their lessons online. Even if he/she resides in an isolated place, technology makes sure that they are not deprived of quality education. Hence, technology provides equity among learners by offering them with the same  without differentiating among their location, stature or caste!




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Comment by Smith Baker on June 19, 2014 at 2:43am

Technology has facilitated distant learningWith the technology education can be accessed by numerous set of information and communicate across the globe regardless of identity, social background, race, and location distances.

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