5 Reasons Why Now Is The Right Time To Earn Your Degree

Were you lucky to land a decent job without a college degree? You must be among the few lucky ones. Perhaps you started at an entry level position, developed hands-on skills, and moved up the ranks. Keep in mind that there’re some job positions reserved for only people with appropriate formal education. If you have dreams of getting promoted to such positions, you should consider getting a degree this year. Luckily, you can earn one online without having to leave your job. First, discover these 5 reasons why now is the right time to earn your degree.

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Demonstration of job commitment

Earning a degree while working shows you’re committed to your current profession. It’s a reflection of the desire to grow and enhance your skill. Getting a degree shows you’re determined and have the ability to manage challenging situations. Employers expect these qualities from people in positions such as managers, supervisors, and directors. It’s no wonder that your employer won’t hesitate to give you necessary assistance in your pursuit for a degree with a flexible work schedule.

Broadening career advancement opportunities

Lacking an appropriate degree limits how far you can go in the career hierarchy. Getting a degree advances career growth and sets you up for more opportunities for employer-sponsored formal job training. Additionally, having a degree increases more chances of switching careers. Your current employers might have hired you without a degree but other potential might be strict about having one. With the experience gained from your current employer and your newly acquired degree, you’ll have higher chances of getting hired in other organisations.

Recognition and credibility

With an accredited university degree, you earn respect and recognition from your employer and colleagues. Everyone in the organization will always look up to you for your knowledge and skills that come with a degree. This comes with chances of being in good position to handle all specialised tasks giving you an edge over other employees. Your employer will see you as a more valuable employer with the right skill set to grow the business.

Job specific degree

In other circumstances, you might be planning to apply to a better position in the organization but lack an appropriate degree. Getting a new degree online is the solution to get qualified for the position. Luckily, you can earn your degree without having to leave work for some time. The new degree backed by your experience at the current job will give you an edge over external applicants who know nothing about the company culture. You’ll have better chances of becoming successful during the interview.

Personal growth

It’s a challenging experience taking the plunge to get a degree while working. This is a portrayal of your desire to grow your expertise in a more structured environment. Having a degree opens up ideas in various business aspects. The degree will give you multiple opportunities to grow your professional network through alumni networks.


If career growth and financial freedom are part of your 2019 resolutions, then getting a university degree is a top priority. Luckily, you can earn any degree of your choice online without spending much or leaving your current job.

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