5 Reasons Why Studying at Tuition Centres is the SMART Thing to Do

By Mohamed Fairoz Shariff

Some parents see it as the saving grace for their children, whereas others consider it as a pox on our education system. Like it or not, attending tuition classes has become an integral aspect of the educational journey of most Singaporean students.

For parents who are looking to send their children to tuition classes, there are usually three avenues that they could turn to. Firstly, they could turn to tuition classes organized by community self-help groups and voluntary welfare organizations. These tuition classes are normally held in schools during the weekends. Secondly, they could go for a more personal approach by engaging home tutors to help with the supervision of their children’s studies. Such tuition classes are conducted at either the tutor’s house or the student’s house, depending on the arrangements made between the parents and the home tutors. Finally, parents could send their children to one of the many tuition centres singapore that can be found all over Singapore.


Here are 5 reasons why studying at a tuition centre might just be the SMART-er choice.

  • Small Tutor to Student Ratio

One of the key benefits of studying at a tuition centre is that the tuition is likely to be conducted in a small classroom environment, where the ratio of tutor to student is around 1:5. This small tutor to student ratio creates a more personal teaching and learning environment for both the tutor and the student. Students of tuition centres are therefore able to receive the attention and help they need from their tutors in order for them to better understand the subjects they are studying.


  • Make Friends With Students From Other Schools

Since classes at tuition centres are usually conducted based on subjects, most centres will bring together students from different schools and levels into its respective subject-based classes. This provides students of tuition centres with the opportunity to interact and make friends with students from other schools and other levels. More importantly, it provides these students with the opportunity to learn from one another on the different ways that they have been taught a specific subject by their respective schools.

  • A Conducive Learning Environment

Tuition centres provide its students with a conducive learning environment that is free from the many distractions which may distract them from their studies. Moreover, most classrooms at the tuition centres are now equipped with the latest teaching aids and gadgets, such as computers and projectors.

  • Results Oriented

The success of a tuition centre is generally measured through the results of its students. A good tuition centre is one where most of its students have shown marked improvements in their grades. As such, tuition centres tend to be very results-oriented, and will come up with innovative teaching and learning methods in order to help their students improve their grades. Nowadays, most tuition centres will publicize their successes in the form of testimonials from students who have attained good results for their examinations. Through these success stories, parents are able to make a more informed decision on which tuition centre they would like to send their children to.

  • Qualified and Dedicated Tutors

Tutors form the backbone of the tuition centre, and those who are able to inspire their students to greater heights will contribute to the success of the tuition centre. Thus, it is in the best interest of the tuition centre to ensure that their tutors are not only qualified to teach, but are also fully dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. Parents who are thinking of sending their children to study at a tuition centre therefore do not need to worry too much about the caliber of the tutors who will be teaching their children.


Having made the decision to send their children to tuition centres, parents will then have to decide on which centres they will send their children to. Factors such as the location and reputation of the tuition centre will play a huge part in determining the parent’s preferred choice of centres. No matter what the final decision may be, tuition centres are definitely a good avenue that parents can turn to in their search for tuition classes for their children.


The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author based on his observations of the tuition centre.

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