5 Student Information Systems Features That Parents Love

Student information systems have been put to use by most of the schools today. They make work easier not only for teachers, administrators and students; but also for parents. There are some Student information systems features that parents absolutely love for the convenience and control they give.

Here are the 5 most popular features that connect the classroom with home:

1. Home work management.

Parents love this module for the single window overview of all the home work it provides. Parents can see home work assigned, submitted and pending. They can also see real-time progress on assignments given.

Updates can be provided via SMS or within the school app. Notifications for home work pending and assigned work as reminders and unburden the parents from the task of monitoring the home-work daily.

2. RE-enrollment

Re-enrollment or re-registration is the facility to enroll your child for the next academic year. Re-enrollment used to be a lengthy process with a lot of form filling before technology was introduced in the education sector.

With school information systems, parents can re-enroll their child at the click of a button. There is no need to re-submit the data as the school system already has all the information about each child. Many schools now have automatic re-enrollment where the student is re-enrolled by default unless request for withdrawal is received from parent.

3. Transport Tracking

Transport tracking feature in the student information system allows parents to see bus routes, attendance on bus and GPS tracking of the bus. SMS or App notification facility for delay of bus can also be included. With real-time notification, parents can know the cause of delay such as traffic block, break-down or weather condition.

Parents love this feature because it means complete safety and security of their child. It also provides convenience of transport fee calculation and online payment option to the parent.

4. Teacher Connect

Parents find it increasingly difficult to take time out on a weekday to discuss their child’s progress with teachers. With this feature parents can communicate with teachers via app chat or a push email facility.This gives parents a way to work closely with teachers without worrying about setting up physical meetings.

Parents can monitor their child’s progress, send absence request, and get clarifications on assignments and much more. Teachers can also share student reports, comments and suggestions with the parents. This 24×7 two way communication feature allows parents to be involved in their child’s education by being in close touch with the teachers.

5. Online School Calendar

School calendar gives details of PTA meetings, holidays, assignment submissions, exam dates, class schedule, annual school celebrations and much more. This gives parents an overview of all the upcoming events or activities and allows them to plan in advance. The online calendar is real-time and incorporates any changes immediately.

A student’s progress depends to a large extent on the seamless flow of information between the school, the teachers and the home. The above features ensure that the parents are a part of child’s school activities and are involved in their academic progress in this busy world.

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