5 Things You Didn't Know About Drugs on Campus

In 2014, there were more than 20 million people enrolled in colleges and universities in the United States. That same year, calculations found that just short of one-third of American citizens held bachelor's degrees, with over half of the United States population having completed at least some college. College is so popular because people want solid careers with ample employment opportunities that pay well, something postsecondary institutions help with.

Even though college can do great things, drug abuse is common among the young adults that attend college. Let's peer into five facts you likely didn't know about on-campus drug abuse.

The goal of college students' drug abuse isn't always to get inebriated

A vast majority of drugs cause users to feel "messed up." Alcohol causes people to lose inhibitions and motor skills. College students who smoke marijuana find themselves thinking more slowly and with strong desires to relax. ADHD medications like Adderall cause users to remember things more effectively, perform work faster than without, and reason better on tests. A survey of recent indicated that one-third of college students had used Adderall. The majority of students who're either prescribed this medication or source it illegally use it to perform better in school, rather than get "high" or perform better in social settings.

Alcohol abuse is more widespread than almost every substance...

Alcohol and tobacco are the two major drugs regulated by United States government. While tobacco doesn't affect peoples' perceptions very much, alcohol surely does. Every year, about 110,000 people between 18 and 24 years of age get arrested for crimes related to alcohol, among the likes of underage consumption, DUI, and public intoxication. 

...Except marijuana

Even though marijuana is illegal and generally harder to source than alcohol, this sticky, leafy green substance is used more frequently than any other psychoactive substance in United States colleges and universities. 

Prescription drug abuse is highly prevalent

Doctors prescribe medication to help people live better lives. Unfortunately, many prescribees divert their medication to people not authorized to use such medication. About one-third of university students abuse prescription drugs during their time at colleges. 

College slip-ups can mean lifetimes of problems

As college drug use is widely common, so are incidences of universities cracking down on students. People applying for medical school must reveal all institutions they've attended and whether they've had institutional actions taken against them. Drug-related slip-ups throughout students' college years can affect them indefinitely, even if they're not registered with law enforcement agencies.

Colleges help people life more fulfilling lives with the opportunities they offer students. Attending university is also fun, with many students reporting "finding themselves" and figuring out what they want to do in life. However, many college students abuse drugs. While they can be used responsibly, a majority of these young adults don't do so, potentially harming their physical well-beings and career opportunities.








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