BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a great program for young, enthusiastic individuals who are interested to work in the field of dentistry. Of course, like any other field of study, students need to work hard and prepare for the BDS examinations, which will help them get one step closer to their dream of becoming a great dentist or a dental surgeon.

There are great coaching classes that students can attend for preparation of their much awaited BDS examinations. Of course, even after joining the best coaching centres, there are a handful of tips and tricks that can help a student prepare better for their BDS examinations. You must research well about the BDS fee structure, syllabus, and examination dates so you are well prepared for your upcoming exams.

How to prepare well for the BDS examinations?

1. Solving previous years question papers

This is a very important tip for all aspiring dentists and dental surgeons. Solving the question papers of previous years can do much more than simply help you practice. Previous question papers also help you gain perspective on the patterns of questions; what kind of topics to concentrate more upon; how to properly answer the questions; it helps you time yourself while solving them. This is one preparation tip which is more like a golden rule, and must never be forgotten.

2. Maintain regularity

Setting your own timings is imperative for good BDS exam preparation. While you do not need to go by any set rules of study schedules and routines given to you by someone else, once you set your own schedule and routine, it is extremely important that you stick to it regularly. Once you have fixed a certain schedule for your exam preparation, ensure that you sit at the time same every single day, without fail. This will help you fall into a routine and complete a good chunk of your syllabus at the right pace.

3. Good reference books

Reference books are the Holy Grail for good exam preparation. However, remember that you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many reference books. You will just end up shooting from one book to another and getting confused, without really knowing where to start and where to finish. Opt for a selected number of good reference books and stick to them throughout your entire preparation.

4. Take help

There is no shame in taking help from your seniors. They have been in the exact same shoes as you have, and their valuable tips can really come of great help to you. Ask your seniors for any kind of help that they can offer, whether it is notes, answer keys to question papers, or simply some good tips and advice on how you can prepare in a better manner for your BDS examinations.

5. How to answer questions wisely

When answering the papers for your BDS examinations, plan a strategy on how you will answer your answer papers. Whatever answers you know for sure, answer them first. Then, opt for the ones which you are not so sure about. Take your time and think over it, avoid answering impulsively. Lastly, if there are any answers that you absolutely are not sure about, instead of simply choosing an incorrect answer, which will end up fetching you negative marking.

There are several tips, tricks and strategies that you can adopt for answering your BDS exams. But, go for the ones which are fruitful and easy for you to manage. Find out about the BDS fee structure, syllabus, curriculum and other such information so that you are well prepared in advance about all that you need to know about BDS exams.

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