5 Tips for Successfully Obtaining your BA and Staying Sane

When you ask people about their college experience, they fondly remember partying, having fun with friends and perhaps even meeting their future marital partner, but they tend to forget it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, for some people it is an extremely stressful period of their lives, and for good reason. For the majority of college students, this is the first time they are living independently of their parents and are simply unused to having to take care of themselves, which can be overwhelming, especially with the added pressure of knowing that getting a bachelor's degree is pretty much a requirement in today's economy. This is why it's good to know some tips for getting through college without losing your mind so you too can have those great college memories.

Stay organized

With so many things going on at once, it's important organize your time well. Create a weekly calendar of all your classes and activities so you always know what you day will look like. On days when you don't have a lot of classes, make sure to dedicate plenty of time to studying, revision and homework and try to stick to it as much as possible. In addition to your time, you should also organize your space. Keep your room clean, tidy and clutter-free so you don't waste time having to go through a big mess every time you want to find something.

Work and study

If you find yourself with a lot of free time and/or want to make some extra money, it's a good idea to start a part time job. This will develop your working ethic, give you some extra experience that will look great on your CV and last but not least, you will earn some extra pocket money so you're not always depending on your folks. If you're not a fan of typical part time jobs like waiting tables or flipping burgers, there are a lot of excellent opportunities to easily make money online.

Take care of yourself

This should go without saying, but in all the chaos it's easy to forget to eat and shower regularly. Make sure to have a healthy and balanced diet, eat in regular intervals and avoid stocking up on junk food. Next up is personal hygiene, something that tends to get overlooked by students. Having regular showers, especially in hot weather, will leave you not only smelling better, but also feeling fresh and energized. Regular physical exercise is also a must, which is why most colleges have good gym facilities that you should take advantage of, but even a simple walk through the park will be good for your health.

Socialize with other students

Meeting people and making friends is a key part of being a college student. Even if you're a lone wolf by nature, don't be afraid to participate in group activities like study groups or special interest clubs. It's a well known fact that a large percentage of jobs are obtained through recommendations, so it's never too early to start networking. But it's not just the professional aspect that matters, many people meet their lifelong friends and future spouses in college. It's important to have fun and make the most of being young...just don't overdo it with the wild partying.

Just relax

Everyone needs some alone time to relax and recharge their batteries, so it's crucial to dedicate some time to that so you don't get overstressed or overwhelmed by everything that's going on. Whether it's meditation, yoga, going for a run, watching a horror movie or headbanging to heavy metal music, whatever helps you unwind and find your balance, you should always make time for it, particularly during exam periods. It may seem counterproductive, but being in the right state of mind will help you focus and ace your exams.

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