5 Tips On How To Score More In Chemistry IIT JEE

The competition involved in the engineering entrance exams is something we all know about. When we talk about the most coveted engineering or B.Tech institutes, we all know that nothing comes closer to the popularity of the IITs. IIT or the Indian Institute of Technology has set a benchmark in the field of engineering education. Nevertheless, earning a seat in the IITs is not an easy walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work and strong determination to crack the IIT JEE.

Like we know, physics, chemistry, and mathematics are the three subjects that are covered in the IIT JEE. It has been seen that a lot of students find it hard to score more in the chemistry part. Mastering the organic and inorganic part of the Chemistry subject requires an in-depth understanding of the basics. In this regard, you can go for the Chemistry video lectures, as they provide you with a thorough and detailed analysis of the concepts involved.

How to score good in Chemistry?

  • First of all, you must make sure that you remember each and everything related to the Periodic Table. This is something you must mug up even before starting your preparation for the IIT mains. In case you have any doubt related to the periodic table, you must get it cleared as early as possible.
  • Focusing on the three major parts of chemistry is equally important. Some students have a better grip on the organic chemistry part, while some struggle with the physical chemistry topics. A good coaching class always put the same amount of focus on the three areas-organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Having a good command on these three areas will help you score more in your chemistry IIT JEE paper.

  • Another important tip related to scoring more in IIT JEE chemistry is about having an in-depth understanding of the reaction mechanism. A lot of students find it difficult to understand the concept behind the reaction mechanism. In this regard, the online coaching classes can help you a lot. They offer video lectures through mediums like DVDs and streaming videos. You can join an online coaching class and make yourself a better candidate for the IIT JEE.
  • Solving past years’ question papers is always helpful in improving your performance in the IIT JEE. Taking a close look at the last five years’ questions and their patterns can help you get a good idea of the whole thing. It will help you understand how to questions are going to be. Solving past years’ questions will also help you find your weak and strong areas in the chemistry subject.
  • Making personal notes is another important tip for the IIT JEE aspirants. Whenever you start working on any chemistry topic, you must make personal notes, which will help you in the later stages of preparation. In this regard, the online coaching classes can help you with valuable inputs.

Besides them, there are many other tips available, which can help you score more in the IIT JEE chemistry section. In the present time, seeking guidance has become easier with the inception of online coaching classes. You can get tons of help from the experienced faculty members, and for that you do not have to go anywhere. With the help of the Chemistry video lectures and online mock tests, you will feel more confident about your preparations. So, find a reputed online coaching centre and start preparing for the IIT JEE in the right way.

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