5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Study Trip Abroad

Studying for a semester or a couple of months abroad is an exciting opportunity that helps you broaden your perspective, learn about a different culture and create memories that last a lifetime. A lot of learning takes place when a student travels to a different corner of the world. However, it’s essential to prepare and plan your study trip abroad in order to make the experience a fruitful and smooth sailing one.

Here are five things to do before embarking on your overseas study trip:

1. Learn about the Destination’s Culture, Customs and Languages

Before heading to your destination, make sure to research on the foreign country’s culture, customs, history, geography, economy, religion, government and other pertinent information. Learning about your destination’s culture will help you have a more enriching experience.

Furthermore, try to also learn about things you shouldn’t do or words and actions that might seem harmless in your culture but offensive in your destination’s culture. If possible, take a language course or, at the very least, use an app to learn about common greetings.

2. Register with your Embassy

Whether you chose to study and work in New Zealand or take a course in Australia, you should let your embassy know the details and duration of your travel. It might seem unimportant but informing your embassy will help them locate you in case of an emergency.

3. Get A Complete Physical

Before departing to study abroad, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor and get a complete physical done to ensure that you are in good health. Some countries require you to have a complete check-up done as a part of their visa formalities. Other host countries may recommend taking some vaccinations.

4. Complete all Formalities

Is your New Zealand student visa in order? Are you sure your passport won’t expire within six months of your travel date? Have you got permission to work and study there? Ensure that all formalities are completed well in advance before embarking on your trip. Your school or college might have provided a series of written forms that you should study carefully.

5. Buy a Local Sim Card

Most students opt for getting an international plan with their local service provider. However, this might prove to be expensive. A cheaper and better option is to get a local sim card and buy a prepaid plan. You can always share your new number to your friends and family by shooting them an email.

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and many students come back to their home country with a fresh perspective on life and stories and memories of adventures. Students even become more independent and responsible during this time. Although traveling abroad for studies isn’t rocket science, you can engage a few foreign education consultants to help you answer any looming doubts or to receive additional information.

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