6 Modern Pieces of Equipment Your Classroom Needs

These days, both teachers and students are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Schools have to keep up with the digitalized world and classroom processes must be made more efficient with technological inventions. As a result, there are many pieces of modern equipment that should be considered classroom essentials. Without these pieces of equipment, a classroom will not be tapped into the modern world and many students may lose interest in their studies. With that in mind, here are six of the most essential pieces of modern equipment that should be present in a modern classroom.




These days, every classroom must have a computer. Computers are very handy for storing files and presenting them to the class when needed. This why it is very uncommon for classrooms to make use of blackboards or whiteboards, as computers are more effective at keeping classroom records and lessons intact. Additionally, Powerpoint presentations can be loaded on to computers, and they are very effective in teaching. This is because good design often attracts more attention from students. If you make a colorful and beautiful Powerpoint, you may have a better chance of keeping your class' attention.


Fortunately, a classroom does not need to have a high-tech computer. The basic specs will do since you won't need that much functionality. Also, it is highly suggested that classrooms use Linux OS for their computers because Linux is free and has high security.


Internet Connection


Aside from a computer, it will also be useful if the computer has an internet connection. The great thing about having an internet connection is that if you do need to verify information or look for other materials to help in your lesson, you can just Google it. You can also pull out your documents or teaching materials that are stored in your email and be able to stream any educational videos off of YouTube or other streaming sites.




Of course, having a computer and internet isn't enough because if you can't show your material, it'll not be of any use anyway. For this, you'll need a projector. In order to show your powerpoint presentation or document to your class, you must have a projector so that all the students can see it. Ideally, this projector will be large enough and be adjusted to a projector screen so that students can see the images clearly.


Projection Screen


A projector without a projection screen will make it hard for the students to see the content of your materials, especially if the blackboard or whiteboard is uneven. A projection screen will even out the surface where the projector is pointing the image. This will help the students see everything properly and make sure that they retain as much knowledge as possible.


Clip Microphone


If you handle a really big class, then one of the challenges would be getting the students at the back of the room to hear you. This can especially be an issue in larger public schools. Teachers that handle big classes will usually hold their lessons in a big room which will make it hard for the students at the back to hear. In order to address this issue, it will help if each classroom is provided with a clip microphone that can help teachers amplify their voices without shouting.


Computer Remote and Pointer


Lastly, the computer remote and pointer is an important tool in any teacher’s high tech arsenal. The remote is used to control the Powerpoint slides or the navigating of the documents so that the teacher doesn't always have to go back to the computer and can continually engage their students.


These remotes usually come with a built-in laser pointer that can help lecturers point at the words of the Powerpoint to emphasize certain aspects of the lesson or discussion. This will enable them to make more movements and help students at the back see what they are pointing at.




It's important to be up-to-date when it comes to choosing classroom equipment and materials. After all, technology can greatly enhance both the teachers' and students' experiences in the classroom.

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