6 Most Important Skills Tests for Healthcare Hiring

7 Most Important Skills Tests for Healthcare Hiring

In healthcare, a simple clerical error could mean life or death in some instances. Information handling is the lifeblood of hospitals and other medical offices, and these skills should be tested and assessed before hiring someone. Many skills tests in healthcare are designed to measure more specific medical-related skills such as medical terminology, patient safety practices or other knowledge unique to the healthcare work environment. The consequences of hiring someone who’s not already familiar with these skills could be costly—not only in potential errors, but for the recruiter who’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Testing for the healthcare field has become a staple.

Whether it’s software that’s used commonly, English, or typing, as a recruiter it’s your job to understand the skills required for certain healthcare positions. In the following article, we will address the seven most important skills tests for healthcare hiring that will help you select the best medical support staff.

What Tests to Use:

Your physicians and scientists do their best work when supported by the most skilled and motivated PAs, nurses, receptionists, front desk coordinators, schedulers, administrative assistants, and IT staff. Janitorial, Food Services, and other support staff also have a role in making a healthcare organization run effectively. For patient-facing positions, we recommend using these seven skills tests in particular:

HIPAA - Health Insurance Coverage - This test measures the candidate's knowledge of HIPAA and Health Insurance Coverage. The test covers several topics, including Terminology, Group Market Rules, Individual Market Rules, and General and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Primary Work Test - This test measures the candidate’s knowledge regarding Primary Work Skills. The test covers several topics, including Spelling, Reading, Comprehension, Keyboard and Shortcuts and Computer Programs.

Digital Literacy Simulation - This test measure the candidate's ability to perform tasks on computers in an online environment. The test covers several topics, including Basic Computer Operations, e-mail, Internet, Social Media, and Working with Computers.

Customer Service Test – This test measures the candidate's knowledge of Customer Service. The test covers several topics, including Problem Solving, Adaptability, Teamwork and Collaboration and Communication Skills.

Medical Billing Test - This test measures the candidate's knowledge of Medical Billing. The test covers several topics, including Coding, Legal and Ethical Concepts, Health Insurance, and Medicare.

Medical Administrative Skills Tests – This test measures the candidate’s ability of following directions. It covers several topics, including Reading Charts and Tables, Directions and Maps, Working with Technology, Scheduling and Calendar, and Data Manipulation.

Home Health Aide Test – It covers several topics including Primary Care Skills, Maternal and Infant Care, Caring for Terminally III Clients, Responsibilities and Legal Rights.

As you can see, you can work in the health care field without ever seeing a drop of blood. From managing the vast administrative needs of a hospital to keeping a single medical office up and running, you can be a part of saving lives and improving the well-being of patients without being on the front line.

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